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Pod coffee makers

Since I am the only one that drinks coffee in the house, I was wondering about these one cup coffee makers that use the pods. Have you used them, what brand do you like, do you like them etc.???

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  1. Nespresso is awesome. I tried it for the first time in france and fell in love with it. DO NOT BUY IT AT WILLIAM SONOMA. Go online to nespresso.com and there smallest model is $179.

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    1. re: chefcolin

      My brother has a Nespresso as well and it's a pretty solid machine; good coffee and incredibly easy to use.

      Why not purchase it at Wlliam's Sonoma? The lower priced model they sell is the same price as that same model on nespresso.com (ok, WS is $0.95 more, but hey...free shipping). I'm not arguing that one should purchase it here....but I see no reason not to.

      The $179 model is "manual" while the $229 model is "automatic" which I believe refers to the volume of water used. Personally, I'd like the option to have an automatic setting for espresso since you can also vary the level via a program setting.

      1. re: ccbweb

        I was under the impression the WS models were a good deal more expensive than what I had found online. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong price tags.

        1. re: chefcolin

          WS does have far far fewer models to choose from on their site, though. Only two nespresso models that I saw as opposed to the dozens on the nespresso.com site.

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        I'll second that opinion about the nespresso maker wholeheartedly

      3. We have a Nespresso we use for espresso in the evening and are pleased with it. Of all the pod systems this is the only one that we've found has coffee of any decent sort of quality(yes, you can pull a better shot at home with a quality machine, grinder and experience but we love just pushing the button and having a great cup of epresso to enjoy with some chocolate after we've done the dishes. No fuss, no muss). Trying to make a large Americano for morning takes at least two pods though and adds up cost wise...

        My husband has a Tassimo in his office. I had one in mine when I was working in an office. For an office environment it's fine...quick, easy, convenient and most of all clean. He likes the Seattles Best and I liked the Gevalia Morning brew. The milk drinks use UHT milk. I sell the Keurig in the store I work at...more selection but I haven't had a pod yet that satisfies my need for a strong, quality cup of coffee. YMMV.

        At home you can do much better though than any pod system. Consider using a french press instead of a pod machine. I make coffee for just myself during the week and the french press is quick and convenient and makes excellent coffee. We gave up on a drip maker a couple years ago and use this instead for our morning coffee.

        Haven't tried an Aeropress but that seems to get great reviews for making just a cup at a time as well.

        If you're set on a pod system for daily use at home, get out and try some. Don't buy anything you haven't sampled to get an idea of how you like it.

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        1. re: ziggylu

          I've got agree on the french press. It's my personal favorite for any cup of coffee.

          1. re: chefcolin

            i'm with you guys on the french press. Lacking a first rate espresso machine, it's the best way to go, and not very expensive. I wished i liked the pods better, they're a lot less messy, albeit rather expensive, but i find the coffee pretty insipid.

            1. re: chuckl

              Pods are also exceptionally stale!

          2. re: ziggylu

            I wasn't expecting to have to pay $179. I bit steep, considering that I am not a huge coffee drinker, and I don't drink expresso. Has anyone had any experience with any of the less expensive machines?

            1. re: Mother of four

              I've used the Melita One:One and I thought it was pretty horrible, actually. It did OK with the tea pods, but tea is fairly easy to make a cup at a time. The coffee was bad despite trying several different brands of coffee.

              If you're making it at home, I'd definitely suggest a water boiler and a one cup drip filter or a french press.

              The only other sort of one cup machine I've used is the Starbucks Aroma Solo (not sure if they make it anymore). It brews into a 16 oz stainless steel "go" cup. It makes good coffee and has a timer but I found it a bit difficult to always get the cup to line up correctly (maybe once every two months I'd have to be very careful in the morning to prevent a serious spill).

              1. re: Mother of four

                Really get a french press. Quick, convenient, CHEAP and a really good cup of coffee.

                The expensive pod machines(tassimo, keurig) don't make great coffee I can only imagine what the cheap ones make.

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                  all the cheaper models that I've tried truly s*cked.

              2. Go to www.singleservecoffee.com and read the reviews.

                I ended up with a Bunn MyCafe and it's really great!

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                  It better make a good cup of coffee, it costs $350 at Amazon, way over my budget. I honestly didn't realize they were so expensive. I think that I might just have to be satisfied with my four cup Cusiart coffee maker.

                  1. re: Mother of four

                    For just one cup at a time, you might look at the Melita one cup drip gadget and 2 oz filters. At your super market, probably. Simplicity.


                    1. re: yayadave

                      I have one of those Melitta ceramic cone filter holders and you can make great coffee, one cup at a time, for pennies. Just put it on top of your mug, add a filter and coffee and pour in hot water.

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                        We were just discussing this over here:

                        Those pod things are just so much equipment.

                        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                          Really? My pod machine seems a lot simpler and smaller to me than my drip coffee maker...

                          1. re: jzerocsk

                            Oops, I was trying to point to the comments about using a cup-top filter cone. Single-serving cone-drip coffee is the new hotness. All it takes is a $2 piece of equipment and a source of hot water.

                            1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                              Pod makers are easy to use, but I balk at the idea of spending $20/lb for the acutal coffee.

                              Wish I had been the marketing genius that found out how to get folks to spend that kind of cash on coffee.

                      2. re: Mother of four

                        I didn't pay anywhere near that.

                        But you can get the Senseo pod coffee maker, which is supposed to be good... for under $50.

                        1. re: Mother of four

                          Get a french press! They're cheap and make fantastic coffee. You can get one that will make just enough for one person. We have a Keurig machine at my office, which is supposed to be one of the nicer machines of this type, and it makes horrible coffee.

                      3. I made a similar post on another thread, so look for that one. Basically when I researched this I thought the Melitta One:One seemed to be the best value under $100, but I found a Senseo on clearance 50% off so ended up getting that. I've been very happy with it. If you are a coffee snob it's probably not for you.

                        1. I don't know if it's still going on, but there was a promotion on the senseo website to get a free pod machine a few months ago. I signed up and actually got a free machine - apparently you're supposed to talk it up to your friends as part of the bargain.

                          Unfortunately my husband and I really didn't like it. The senseo pods that it came with were outright awful. I bought several other fairtrade dark blends to try and it took 4 pods to make an 8 oz cup of a coffee that was strong enough to drink, and it was ok, but 4 pods is expensive for a cup of coffee!

                          I definitely recommend the french press, I think it's even easier to use that the pod machine. Plus you can find them for less than $20 and all you need is a kettle to heat up the water (and a grinder if you like to grind fresh). Alternatively I use my Bialetti stovetop espresso maker to make lattes all the time and find it almost as easy and much more delicious.

                          Mother of four - looks like you're from Florida? If you're ever in Baltimore, you can feel free to come pick up my Senseo - I'll likely never use it again and even have a bunch of extra pods that we bought to try.

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                          1. re: pigtowner

                            Funny, we love our Senseo. It isn't too expensive and makes much better coffee than a drip pot. We use the dark roast, or the Kenya (both by Senseo) and really enjoy it. It is smooth and tasty. And I LOVE my coffee. When we lived in California my fav was Peets, but Peets isn't here in Oklahoma, so we go to Starbucks whenever we can find one. After living in CA with a coffee place on every corner, it was quite a change to move here with no coffee place in our town, and the nearest Starbucks 20 mi. away!

                            1. re: pigtowner

                              Thanks for the offer, Actually we have a son, daughter in law, etc. in the DC area, might take you up on the offer!!!

                              1. re: pigtowner

                                I went to the website and took the survey, now I have to wait and see if I got the Senseo!! I think it is $15 for that and a bunch of pods. Hey, for that price If I don't like it I can donate it to someone!!

                                1. re: Mother of four

                                  If you just answered all the "yes I love to tell my friends about new things" questions in the positive... you'll get one.

                                  I've gotten two and given them as gifts, so I am spreading the word ; )

                                  1. re: Jennalynn

                                    I just went to the Senseo website and the promotion has ended. Darn, I would have like to tried it.

                                    1. re: Jennalynn

                                      You'r darn right I was positive! Actually when I do really like something I tell the world, and the same goes for the dislike side!!!

                                    2. re: Mother of four

                                      Looking around on the net, it looks like a 4oz package of pods costs about $6. Or about $24 a pound for coffee. Which is about 5 times what coffee in those old-fashioned "pods" (ie, a #10 can) costs. At that price, you start paying for the machine immediately.

                                      Give away razor, sell blades, etc.

                                      Also, these pods are much like the mechanism found in some coffee vending machines.

                                      1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                                        I've found deals everywhere... eBay etc.

                                        And you are paying for convenience. Nothing to grind, no grounds to clean. It's faster than the other types of brewing.

                                        I also buy bagged salad ; )

                                        1. re: Jennalynn

                                          But at least bagged salad is not stale when you buy it.

                                          1. re: chipman

                                            Neither is the coffee I buy.

                                            You don't have to use Senseo pods in the Senseo machine. I buy great coffee from many different roasters. Including a wonderful Kona from a small grower in Hawaii.

                                            1. re: Jennalynn

                                              Jennalynn, my point was that all pods are stale when you get them. If all you care about is convenience, that is one thing but, if you care about really good coffee, in my opinion you have to look elsewhere.

                                              1. re: chipman

                                                Yes, if you believe that all coffee that you do not grind yourself is stale, then you are correct.

                                                But why join a conversation where someone is asking which pod maker to buy? Is it just to chime in that they all suck and the only way to get good coffee is to grind it yourself?

                                                1. re: Jennalynn

                                                  I can't speak for chipman, but that's why *I* chime in on these conversations. If you want the best coffee, you have to grind it yourself, right before you brew it. If you drink coffee and flavor is more important to you than convenience, the pod machine is not the right choice.

                                                  1. re: Buckethead

                                                    Yep, me three. It's like that line from the Chowhound Manifesto: "you'd grow weak from hunger rather than willingly eat something less than delicious". If someone were on a local board asking which of three bad restaurants to go to, it would be perfectly reasonable to say, "don't go to any of them!"

                                                    Coffee vending machines, extracting highly processed material from seriously overpriced metal containers, are the opposite of delicious.

                                                    Couple that with the Senseo policy of rewarding customers for spreading Senseo propaganda, and things get confusing fast:

                                                    Honestly, the fastest, most convenient, easiest to clean, least expensive and most delicious way to make a single serving of coffee at home is with a #2 cone filter over a cup. It tops all five categories.

                                                    1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                                                      You can say "don't go to any of them," but given a situation where that's not an option while it may be "reasonable," it's not necessarily "productive" or "helpful." I don't know about Mother Of Four, but when I became interested in pod coffee I had already tried and given up on grinding my own coffee and had no intention of going back to that method.

                                                      These machines are not intended for "hardcore" coffee drinkers. They are for indifferent coffee drinkers who want something more convenient and better tasting than their current drip coffee maker - and it's still cheaper than the convenience store or coffee shop.

                                          2. re: Jennalynn

                                            I honestly do hate bagged salad! It always sorta smells, and not a nice fresh smell! Good lord, I hope the pods don't smell!!!!!!

                                            1. re: Mother of four

                                              I use Trader Joes bagged organic stuff. The turn over is so high, it's always very very fresh.

                                              I steer clear of the supermarket varieties.

                                    3. To All. I am sending away for my free Senseo Pd coffe maker. I made the cut!!!! Since it is only cost ing me $15 for s&h it's a deal. If I hate it I will dump it, if not I will enjoy it. Thank you one and all for all of your suggestions, and thanks to pigtowner for mentioning the web site, even though you dislike it. Well, we shall find out!

                                      1. Well, I received my almost free Senseo pod coffee maker, $15. You know, I really like it. Some mornings all I really have time for is a half a mug of coffee, and the one pod works, other times I fell like a whole mug and I use the two pod. I have only used the med. roast, since that is what it arived with, but I do like it. For all you serious coffee drinkers, you must understand that I am not one of you, so it works great for me. Very easy, quick, and nothing to clean up.
                                        Thanks to everyone, and to pigtowner for letting me know about the website (even though you want to give yours away)!

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                                        1. re: Mother of four

                                          Well, good. You asked and got answers all over the spectrum and looked them over and chose what looked right for YOU. And you're currently happy with your choice. And Senseo is happy they offered you the deal. Good all around.

                                          1. re: Mother of four

                                            I knew it must be good for someone! There are lots and lots of online options for buying pods, I was looking for dark roasts and free trade, but they have all kinds of other flavors. I hope you have fun checking them out :)

                                          2. If you are looking for an espresso machine that makes a very strong European style "coffee" as well, I would highly recommend the Nespresso. I purchased mine directly from WS (in a retail store). If you are lucky enough to be close to NYC, you can visit the Nespresso lounge on Madison Ave between 65th and 66th. You can also purchase the crus there. The crus come in sleeves of 10, and they cost $.39/each on average. We've had our machine for over two years now, and we could not live without it. It is far superior (in my opinion) to any other espresso machine on the market.

                                            If you are looking for coffee, as you stated in your posting, I would highly recommend the Keurig coffee machine. We have one at my office, and my company is a Keurig dealer. As a salesperson that sells the Keurig system to customers, I can tell you that it makes a fantstic cup of coffee. If you prefer strong or bold coffees, I would probably go with Deitrich or Coffee People brand coffee that is sold for the Keurig k-cups, rather than the Green Mountain brand. There are over 150 varieties of coffee for Keurig, and I would recommend looking online for varieties, rather than only shopping retail. The price per cup for this machine should run around $.49/each--so shop around. The Keurig also makes a great cup of tea and they just added hot chocolate to their list within the past year.

                                            I would highly suggest staying away from Tassimo and other brands that use a "pod" style. I've heard that these machines produce a highly acidic, stale, weak cup of coffee.

                                            I hope that helps!

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                                            1. re: kimie

                                              After using the Senseo for about a month or so, I can honestly say that I hate it. The coffee is really awful, to say the least, and I have tried different pods. I went to the store today and looked at the Keurig Bleville BKC600xl, and fell in love! The man that was telling me about it was fantastic, and made me two different kinds of coffee, both great! The price of $300 is terrible, but I just might have to bite the bullet and do it.

                                              1. re: Mother of four

                                                Did you try any non-Senseo pods? The Senseo-branded pods aren't very good. The Archer Farms ones at Target seem like a good value in terms of being better coffee but not expensive. They are also individually wrapped.

                                                1. re: Mother of four

                                                  Before you drop $300 on the Breville (which may be worth it; it sounds like they have some upgrades over the other machines) you may want to see if you can try the Keurig cups brewed with one of their machines, as maybe they will be just as good. Keurig's own machines start at $99. The coffee drinker at home (not me, can't speak directly) likes our mid-range $149 Keurig machine.

                                              2. I've used a French press - and with grandkids around, I've had to replace the glass portion twice now. I have a Senseo and I love it. I've used their pods (love the Sumatra) - and you can buy any of their pods at WalMart cheaper than anywhere else. And if you do not like their coffees, there are kits available so that you can make your own pods!!! If anybody does not like their Senseo, I would be very happy to have another - I want one to leave at my son's home in N. Carolina where I visit a couple times a year! <GBG>


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                                                1. re: OrigCyn

                                                  Go to their website, senseo@sharesenseo.com and take their survey, and they will send you one for $15, which includes a bag of pods. A very good deal, since I saw the same coffee maker at Linen and Things for $90.

                                                2. I have a Senseo, and I think like any coffee maker, the kind of coffee you use makes a HUGE difference. I didn't like the coffee that came with the coffee maker at all, and was almost ready to give up on it, but I thought I'd try it with a different coffee. SO glad I did. There is website where you can order lots of different coffee pods, http://www.coffeewhiz.com/pods.htm, and they have some really good ones--I really like the Green Mountain and the Wolfgang Puck ones, which are individually wrapped and stay much fresher.

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                                                  1. re: french roast

                                                    Tried to bring it up, but all I get is THIS PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND.

                                                      1. re: chipman

                                                        Thanks,it worked. How about the shipping cost if you buy less then the $50.

                                                  2. Coffee beans can (and do) stale rather quickly -- VERY quickly once ground. I've never had a pod, K-cup, etc. that I thought was worth it. (That's me; clearly there are people who do like them.)

                                                    I would second the option of a French press. MUCH better coffee (no comparision -- try them side-by-side), and you can get one that is small enough for one person.

                                                    Examples (lots of places to get these):


                                                    http://www.amazon.com/Bodum-Chambord-... -- though I find this a little too small.

                                                    Here is another option: http://www.1st-line.com/machines/home...

                                                    1. I just got my Senseo...i really like it. So convienient....i press the on button, wait a minute and have coffee right away I hate measuring coffee beans...i do have a french press but absolutely hate cleaning the ground coffee afterwards.

                                                      1. I recently stayed at a high end hotel that had the nesspresso pods as well as Gevalia (sp?). I positively hated both. Get a Bodum french press at Target ($10-20). Not only is it far less costly it's IMO the best cup you can get.

                                                        1. We have used a Keurig K-80 at the office for a long time, these are k-cups, not coffee pods - much fresher and very fast. Comes in all sorts of great flavors. You can buy k-cups, coffee pods and machines at http://www.acsjava.com.

                                                          1. I got my Senseo machine free. The company sent me an email offer. I paid $10 for shipping and that was it. Run a search on google or something and see if you can find it.

                                                            1. Alright, this whole thing is getting confusing, really!
                                                              The term "pod" is supposed to be used only for hard coffee disks, which make espresso, just like the E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pod.
                                                              As of Senseo, those are "pad", soft disks, which does not really make espresso coffee.
                                                              Melita One is half way between pod and pad.
                                                              Nespresso or K-Cups (Keurig) are not pods, since they are made of plastic cups. Myself, as a coffee lover and biologist, I do not approve those since they are not biodegradable or recyclable.
                                                              I don't like Nespresso for only one thing: you have to buy your coffee online and buy for a 55$ minimum plus shipping.
                                                              The one great thing with ESE pods is that Espresso machines such as Saeco, Breville, Cuisinart, Krups, etc... come with an adaptor that you use in your porta-filter and then can use ESE pods.

                                                              This article explains well the difference between POD and PAD : http://www.noircafe.ca/dossiers/pasti...

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                                                              1. re: gerin

                                                                Gerin, when you're done waging the war of "pods vs. pads", you should take up the battle of "Kleenex vs. facial tissue."


                                                                1. re: Joe Blowe

                                                                  Well I am sorry if I sounded rude or anything. It's just that if everyone uses pods for both products, there are chances that you get the wrong product to use in you machine. Since ESE pods and other kinds of pods (i.e., for me, pads), have different sizes and the coffee is not tampered the same; if you then use E.S.E pods in a Senseo machine it won't work and if you use pods (i.e. pads) in your espresso or Handpresso machine, it won't work either.

                                                                  And Joe Blowe, as you may know facial tissue is the common name for the object as Kleenex is a brand ;) it is not the same "war"!

                                                                  P.S. I am not trying to get into a war, I have probably forgot that all of you guys are coffee connoisseur and that your are smart enough to make the difference. I am truly sorry, I just wanted to point this out, as I am myself trying to help consumers out to make the difference between the two products.

                                                                  1. re: gerin

                                                                    Anyone who uses a pod machine is not a coffee connoisseur!

                                                                    1. re: Buckethead

                                                                      I'm laughing, as this is a post I started over two years ago and it seems to still be going strong. I agree with you that the pod machines are not for the coffee connoisseur, but since I am not one of them, I am enjoying my K Cups just fine!

                                                                      1. re: Buckethead

                                                                        Well I should've specified that using and knowing is two different things. But as a coffee connoisseur, you must know the differences between all kinds of single serve coffee solutions. I work in the coffee business myself and I sell E.S.E. paper pods (that's the only single serve solution I sell and believe in), individually packed. Since the whole process of processing and packaging of the coffee is done in controlled atmosphere (without O2) the coffee do not go stale. I really believe E.S.E paper pods are a very convienent and easy way to fall in love with espresso and learn step by step to be a home barista.

                                                                        1. re: gerin

                                                                          What exactly are E.S.E. paper pods? Is that the K cup?