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Oct 27, 2007 07:45 PM

Need Great Sushi with a Nice Ambience in Murry Hill

Hi, I'm looking for a really great sushi restaurant with a nice atmosphere in the Murry Hill area. Any suggestions gladly taken! Thanks.....

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  1. Not quite Murray Hill, but close, I like Mizu Sushi on 20th between Broadway and Park. It's not fancy, it's just a neighborhood spot, but it's very good.

    1. In Murray Hill, you are going to get Gaijin (Chinese or Korean run) sushi palces. Real Nihin-jin sushi yo hve to go to midtown or downtown

      Sushi Sen Nin on 33rd between Park and Mad is pretty good (they use "Haiga" rice for the nigiri and the fish is fresh). They have Yakitori also. My only issue is that the (Chinese) waiters push way to hard to run up your bill. Not a Japanese experience. But the sushi is fresh and creative and the atmosphere is good.

      1. If you go down a little bit to Gramercy you will get tons more options for sushi in a nice atmosphere. Japonais, Haru & Sushi Samba are all in the same area and all kind of fancy.

        1. i really like mishima on 30th and lexington. make sure to sit upstairs.