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Oct 27, 2007 07:30 PM

Pancakes in a can?

American cooking technology has reached a new milestone --

Available at Molly Stones and Andronicos has anyone seen this stuff?

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  1. I hadn't seen it until checking out the link on your post. My first thought was "OMgosh that just seems soooo wrong" followed by "come-on it's not THAT hard to make pancake batter" lol. Nevermind the fact that somehow they're certified organic? Wonders will never cease.

    1. It sounds incredibly intriguing. I mean, yes, pancakes aren't hard to make but this product just seems so cool that I want to get it right now to try it.

      1. Boyfriend brought it over one day - his boss knew some guy associated with the product & gave it to him to try.

        In the cancake's defense, they were light and fluffy. But they were also really sweet - too sweet for my taste, but not boyfriend's. They tasted a bit like McDonald's hotcakes, or at least how I remember hotcakes tasting.

        I could see it being well-suited to camping, dorm rooms, cooking-in-the-midst-of-kitchen-renovations, and other cooking-compromising situations.

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        1. re: assorted

          OK, I now officially christen these things "cancakes" in your honour.
          Best. Name. Ever.

        2. This seems like a godsend for one or two-person households. Or for those wanting a couple of pancakes for breakfast on a weekday when time is short. And yes, it really DOES look like a cool product. Add this to the bottled water and beef jerky for your bird flu preparedness stash!

          The name "cancakes" truly is a stroke of genius! Great thought, assorted!

          1. Before looking at the link I thought you meant already made and cooked pancakes in a can (like the frozen toaster pancakes, or whatever). LOL.

            Seriously, though, you can buy refrigerated or frozen already made batter. Or maybe they don't still make this? It was from one of the typical brands, Hungry Jack or Aunt Jemima. That is what we used to take camping. ;-) I don't think this can is a lot different than that. You still have to refrigerate.