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Oct 27, 2007 06:46 PM

My favorite fun food blog

I found a really fun food blog a couple of months ago, and while it's not complicated food, I've tried almost every recipe and they are fantastic. The layout reminds me of Ina Garten, but funnier. Anyway, Ree, the blogger also has a non food blog. Both are really entertaining. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Food Blog:

Non Food Blog

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    1. I just bought the ingrediants for the cubesteak sandwich. It looks wonderful. I also sent a link to my Mom. This type of cooking instruction is just her speed

      1. My friend sent me a link to this site regarding the eggs benedict recipe and her 2 sticks of butter (!). I found the writing absolutely hilarious and her step by step pictures very helpful.

        1. I've seen and read that one too. She's great!

          1. Yes... I have spent the last 2 days scrolling through each and every recipe on her site! She is my new hero. She's funny, smart, a great photographer, and her recipes are so mouth watering, I may try out ALL of them! First up chicken spaghetti, followed by the oh-so-simple bread pudding, then maybe the lasagna... I haven't decided which order to do them in - ahh!