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Oct 27, 2007 06:28 PM

Favorite Marcella Hazan recipes?

I am a serious disciple of Marcella Hazan's cookbooks. I have three of them and friends laugh at how beat up and splattered they are. I love the recipes, love her sometimes snobbish but always lyrical writing style and love what she's taught me about food and cooking. But sometimes I get overwhelmed by the number of recipes and I'm sure I'm missing some great ones. I've done the classics a lot -- bolognese ragu, chicken with two lemons, tomato with butter and onion, pork loin in milk, pot roast braised in wine, eggplant parm. So what else is fabulous? I've also done the smothered cabbage and braised carrots. The only thing I've done that I wasn't crazy about was a stuffed zucchini recipe. It wasn't terrible, but not worth the work. She's more of a zucchini fan than I am. Anyway, I'm digressing here. I want some great suggestions of totally delicious recipes you've tried that you love. I have the Essentials, Marcella Cucina and Marcella Says.


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  1. Oh, I have so many favorites - including those braised carrots (and the lemon roast chicken, and the Tuscan "meat loaf", and the veal Milanese, and the pasta with bottarga, and the.....)

    As a fan of Marcella - you'll really enjoy this CH report on "Essentials" (pics and personal reviews). It was one of the "Cookbooks of the Months" where anyone who was interested chose recipes, cooked from Essentials, and reported back. Actually, I just read through it now and I realized there are so many I still need to try.

    September 2006 Cookbook of the Month: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

    For appetizers and soups:
    For pasta and other starches:
    For seafood and meat:
    For vegetables and salads:
    For dessert and breads:

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      Wow; thanks! I am a serious fan too, although I really should try more recipes. The problem is the ones I've tried are so good, I keep making them!
      I just made a batch of her tuscan barley soup; so easy and deliciously creamy. Bringing it in for coworkers tomorrow.

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        Guys, it'd really be helpful if you noted the book in which these great recipes were found!!!! Rubee, queen of the universe, you are excepted from this list! And so are you, Katie Nell!!!

        Thank you. I don't want to have to look in the 2 books I have to see if the recipe is there.

        Tuscan Barley Soup! Mmmmmm.

    2. Made one of my favorites yesterday - the chickpea soup with tomatoes and rosemary - delicious. I usually make the version with pasta. Wonderful on a cold day and easy to make. Other favorites - vongole, carbonara, her recipe for pan roasted fish.

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        Second that. I make that soup with pasta at least once a month. Add a loaf of no-knead bread and I'm happy.

        By the way--what does she mean when she talks about when the "tomatoes start separating from the oil?" I find this happens pretty much when I pour the tomatoes in, given the amount of oil vs. tomatoes.

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          Did not see a reply to your question about the oil. After you saute yourtomatoes for a while, they darken and oil appers on the top of tomatoes. When this happens, they are done. Hope this is clear. In preparation of Indian food, the same method is applied when you first saute spices, then onions, garlic, ginger and finally tomatoes. I think oil gathers on top when there is no more water in the pan.

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            Hey, thanks for the reply! I had wondered if that was something everybody knew but me.

      2. Bolognese. There is always a couple frozen in the downstairs freezer and when it gets to the last oen jfood blocks out a few hours to replenish.

        1. I've gotten stuck on making the same ones that everyone else loves too. I crave the carrots (actually, I'm making them tonight!) and the bolognese. I loved the pasta rose dish from Marcella's Italian Kitchen- Roselline di Pasta alla Romagnola. Here's my post on it, with recipe: I really need to try more things, because everything I've made of hers has been truly a revelation. My husband's favorite, which could not be more simple, was the Shrimp Braised with Tomato, Chili Pepper, and Capers from Marcella Says- he loves anything with shrimp and/ or capers! Has anyone tried the baked canellini beans from Marcella Says? I've been interested in those for a while.

          1. Her Pan-Roasted Spareribs with Sage and White Wine are positively addictive. Best served with something, like mashed potatoes, that can mop up all the sauce.

            Not at home with my cookbooks now so I don't have the names of the recipes, but a number of her fish dishes are simple and outstanding. There's a sea bass, I think, roasted with potatoes and artichokes and a ridiculously easy, wonderfully tasty swordfish with an olive oil/herb dressing.

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              a bit confused here...
              is the list the ones you like?
              must be. if you did not like her cooking i don't think you would have made so many of her recipes?