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Oct 27, 2007 06:06 PM

Lai Wah Heen-Toronto

According to some tourist guide books, it was supposed to be the best Chinese restaurant in Toronto or even in Canada. I have had dinner couple of times there. Although it was good, service was attentive, but I did not find the food that outstanding. However the price was definitely expensive. Comment, anyone?

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    1. re: JamieK

      Thanks for the link. But I am looking for comment about dinner not Dim Sum, lunch.

    2. Well, you said it all!
      If your definition of 'best' is for food only, then there are a few restaurants in Vancouver ( Richmond ) that are more superior. However, if 'best' means the 'whole package' ie., Food, wine, service, ambience....etc, then, may be the answer is yes.

      1. The menu at chinese restaurant is huge, it is hard to have all the dishes made outstanding. Sometimes one needs to know what the outstanding items of that chinese restaurant are, if there is any. The food at LWH is overall decent, good quality, however, there are other different restaurants in Richmond Hill/Markham that servers better lobster, squab, crab, fish, chicken ... dishes and soup that can better impress people. But I agree that the overall experience may be the best at LWH (cleanness, service, presentation, taste), just like Charles said but with a expensive price tag.

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          1. re: Jay528

            Certain restaurant in Richmond Hill is good at certain kind of dishes. Some of the example can easily be found using the search function like :



            Do you consider this as an outstanding item ? Fresh Geoduck 3 ways at Omei.- raw, hot pot & fried. The picture is the first way - raw.


        1. It has been designated as the best DIM SUM in Canada -- not the best Chinese restaurant in general. And in my eyes, including Vancouver, and including the rest of North America, it is.

          Best Chinese RESTAURANT, though? No, certainly not.

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          1. I agree, except that I'd call the food less than good. Value wise, it ranks near the bottom of Toronto restaurants.