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Oct 27, 2007 05:59 PM

Litchfield for Christmas

My parents have rented a house down at Litchfield for Christmas and the kids and co. are all heading down there for a week+. My parents used to love the Mayor's House and the place at the Hammock Shops in Pawley's. Any updates on that front? We always loved Flo's in M.I., but my brother says it's not what it was - and I did see the same thing on a post somewhere. From dives to nice fancy-pants places - what is the latest and the greatest?

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  1. If you haven't been to Litchfield in 3-5 years, the dining options have really improved. I will start no-frills and go up from there.

    The Fish House - On 17 in Litchfield. Great fried and non fried seafood. No frills. Great for lunch or dinner. Good place to take kids. I recommend the Cajun fried scallops.

    Lee' Inlet Kitchen - An old school Murrell's Inlet restaurant. Not fancy but food is great.

    Nance's (Murrell's Inlet) - Go only if you want oysters. Great Manhattan Clam Chowder too.

    Orobosa(Pawley's) - Located just off of 17 in a yellow shack that is no frills, but the food is incredible. The chef is from Nigeria I believe.

    Louis's (Pawley's) - In the Hammock Shops compound. Great seafood. Casual yet nice.

    Franks's (Pawley's) - There is Frank's (business casual) and Frank's Outback (casual). These restaurants have always been good.

    The Rice Paddy (Georgetown) - A 20 minute drive but well worth it. More dressy but great southern seafood.

    I have heard that Bistro 217 is great too, but I haven't eaten there.

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      Thanks so much! You've been really helpful - I'm particularly excited about trying Orobosa.

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        I know this is an older post, but if you are coming to Pawleys now, you will want to try Oceans One in Litchfield. Really excellent. Also watch for Orobosa to reopen in Georgetown. Bistro 217 is also quite good, but make reservations in the summer and go early on a weeknight if you want to avoid crowds! Landolfi's and the PIT for pizza, of course. (Don't take the kids to the PIT . . . too much smoke! I have heard good things about Bove's but haven't tried it yet. Gilligans is a good choice for the kids!