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Oct 27, 2007 05:21 PM

A little help.....

Need some recommendations for this Tuesday night for a great meal. Entertaining a New Yorker who enjoys good food, wine and ambiance. Prefer the westside, but we have gone as far as the Little Door in previous years, Nothing too pretentious. Thanks in advance.

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  1. any more preferences/limitations/budget/cuisine?

    il pastaio
    pane e vino (on the back patio if the weather is nice and you'll go a bit farther)
    napa valley grille
    gardens on glendon
    james beach

    ...with more input, i think you'll get more output, but here's to name a few.

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    1. re: Emme

      second the jiraffe recommendation.
      went there last friday night and had an excellent meal.

      1. re: Emme

        Great list Emme. I was considering Jiraffe. We've done Melisse in past years. Price is no object. It's just about great food, good wine and a nice dining experience

        1. re: Fresser

          a couple more to consider..

          via veneto (one of my top picks!)
          angeli caffe

          1. re: Fresser

            Sounds like Abode will fit your bill.

        2. Okay, I think to entertain a New Yorker based on food alone will be hard, so I'd say what you need is great food/wine, and then great ambiance that you can get only in california. Yes, I'm talking outdoor seating (which Little Door has).

          I recommend The Bel Air hotel as a first choice.

          Napa Valley Grille and Gardens are good, but I really don't think they are anything special. Il Pastaio has really good lobster linguini and they do have outdoor seating, but they tend to be crowded/loud (so: unpretentious, but maybe not really good for business talk and the like)

          Hotel Bel-Air
          701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077