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Lido Grill,Marina Del Rey

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Does anyone know about this place??

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  1. could you be talking about lido restaurant in manhattan beach on rosecrans?

    1. I'm curious too as the sign is up, but the inside doesn't look too complete ... it's on Washington next to the Pasta Factory ...

      This blog has some pix - http://www.yovenice.com/2007/10/04/li...

      1. I can be hopeful since I live within walking distance of this place but I wouldn't hold my breath- the area is not known for stellar eats. Does anyone know when it's supposed to open?

        1. Lido Grill opening soon.I think next week.Check-out the menu in the windows.Looks good.417 Washington Blvd.Marina Del Rey.

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            I stopped in about a month ago and chatted with the owner. He's a chef from Morocco I think who most recently managed Crustacean in BH. Menu does look good and prices are reasonable, though he says even tapas portions will be a decent size. I live within walking distance and REALLY hope it's good.
            He had told me he had run into a lot of problems with permits, etc. but was planning to open on Dec. 26, which obviously didn't happen. Can't wait to try it!

          2. Does anyone know what's going on with this place? Is it open yet? I thought I saw a post stating that it was going to open 2/13 but can't find it now, ...

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              No sooner did a sign go up in the window saying "Finally, we're opening Feb. 13th" than was the 13th crossed out and replaced with 15th. So as of now it's Friday.

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                I drove by on 2/9 (Saturday) and the place was packed ... looked like a "private" opening ... hopefully that's a good sign of things to come!! :)

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                  Has anyone checked this place out or know the phone number? Curious as to menu, atmosphere, price point...
                  Thank you!

            2. The last post is February 22nd. I know this place is open and in full swing. Anyone been since the last post? I really want to try it and also live within walking distance. Would love some feedback if anyone has been.

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                Food is terrible. Service not friendly either.

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                  Funny, I was just going to reply to my own post. I went two weeks ago and kind of agree. My husband said he would go back but I wasn't impressed by any of the dishes. They were either too bland or too salty. The only one I liked was a bread thing with cheese and honey on top and that's not really cooking! BUT, they don't have a liquor license yet so it's BYOB and no corkage fee. So we polished off two bottles of wine and the dinner cost us less than $70 for four people!! I wouldn't rush back and I definitely wouldn't drive there if I didn't live within walking distance. However, they've only been open for like two months. I might try it again in about five or six months to see if the menu has improved.

              2. Yeah, I was here about a month ago - super excited since I live down the street. It was horrible. Portions were way too big for tapas and nothing was really that good - kind of bland and boring. Maybe it will be better in a few months, but not very impressed :(

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                  We were there tonight for the wonderful flamenco show and dinner. The 4 of us totally enjoyed the food and the evening. The lamb shank was a bit salty, but certainly not over the top (and I'm not a salt freak), but oh so good, the sea bass rustica was good, but could have used a bit more pizazz. The fig bruschetta was good, the bacon wrapped shrimp was delicious and the lamb chops and Greek salad were also good. They gave us little complimentary glasses of sangria, we ordered more. A delightful evening and the Argentinian flamenco dancers were outstanding! A fun evening, I would definitely recommend it!
                  NOTE: The flamenco dancers only perform the first and third Thursday evenings, $10 cover per person added to the bill. Reservations required.

                2. Since this post is revived, may I lodge a simple complaint?
                  -If you are going to do away with your BYO no corkage policy due to acquiring a beer and wine license, PLEASE be sure to stock at least one or two interesting wines!-
                  They don't have to be expensive, and not everything needs to be BTG, but god! What an awful list!