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Oct 27, 2007 05:21 PM

Lido Grill,Marina Del Rey

Does anyone know about this place??

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  1. could you be talking about lido restaurant in manhattan beach on rosecrans?

    1. I'm curious too as the sign is up, but the inside doesn't look too complete ... it's on Washington next to the Pasta Factory ...

      This blog has some pix -

      1. I can be hopeful since I live within walking distance of this place but I wouldn't hold my breath- the area is not known for stellar eats. Does anyone know when it's supposed to open?

        1. Lido Grill opening soon.I think next week.Check-out the menu in the windows.Looks good.417 Washington Blvd.Marina Del Rey.

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            I stopped in about a month ago and chatted with the owner. He's a chef from Morocco I think who most recently managed Crustacean in BH. Menu does look good and prices are reasonable, though he says even tapas portions will be a decent size. I live within walking distance and REALLY hope it's good.
            He had told me he had run into a lot of problems with permits, etc. but was planning to open on Dec. 26, which obviously didn't happen. Can't wait to try it!

          2. The original comment has been removed