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Oct 27, 2007 05:07 PM

Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse - Northville, MI

Has anyone been? Thoughts?

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  1. Coincidentally enough, just passed it by but were on our way to Little Italy. With a name like Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse I think you've got to go in and then report.

    1. I haven't been there yet but heard from other brazilians (I'm brazilian as well) that it is a great place to eat the "real" brazilian barbecue. I'm planning to be arond Detroit for Thanksgiving and go there on the 24th. Will let you know then.

      1. yes, its good. not the best I've been in the US, but good. Their sausages are definitely not brazilian and need significant improvement.
        keep in mind I am from rio de janeiro, so my standards are high with respect to meat.
        Fogo de chao in chicago is better.

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          I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a child in the late 60's, early 70's and remember fondly a dish I'm certain anybody familiar with Brazilian foods knows.
          My question to you is, does Gaucho have Feijoada? I have been seeking a place that can make a respectable presentation of this most wonderful treat and have yet to find one. Thanks, Glo.

        2. I have eaten at Texas de Brazil in Chicago (area) and it is AMAZING!!! Yummy salad bar that seriously puts any other salad bar to shame....really great lobster bisque. The meats are seasoned perfectly and they are very generous with their cuts (besides it is an all-u-can-eat, so you can really go to town).
          I stopped in the Northville Gaucho and looked around when they first opened. Their salad bar isn't nearly as big and no lobster bisque. They are quite pricey for dinner, but they do offer a "cheaper" lunch. Will definately try for lunch.

          1. Went for lunch in late November. For lunch Gaucho's is outstanding.

            during lunch hours the only items they leave out is the Filet and the Lamp Chops--which is disappointing but acceptable for the price. It was a relatively slow day (there were only about 10 other tables on average during our lunch. Most were groups like ours 4-8 people. Service was very good. Exceeded my expectations.

            Picana = perfect
            Top Sirloin/Bottom sirloin= both very good very good. I find I really like the texture of the bottom sirloin
            the pork sausages were nothing great
            Pork Tenderloin surprised me--very tasty don;t know what additional spicing they added to the rub but it was a little sweet might have been cinnamon/pinnapple? remindd me of the grilled pinnaple you can get at some other churrascaria
            Beef ribs were outstanding
            Leg of lamb (not my thing) passable. The lamb fans in our group like very much
            Pork ribs decent
            Garlic steak, more tender here than at others (Fogo in Chicago and Red Violin in TO)
            Chicken-- a chicken leg is a chicken leg
            they had most of the traditional sides:
            Farofa, pao de queijo, beans and rice, fried bananas

            I didn't bother with the salad bar went straight to green and stayed there for first 45 minutes, had to give in as the service was great. At the end of the meal as I was discussing the level of service here compared to FOGO's I have been to, I flipped to green for about 5 seconds and was assaulted by another wave of beef. In the grand scheme of things who cares about comparing this churrascaria to others. The fact is most any one takes down Morton's or any other "full service" Steak joint. Who would want to order only one cut of meat per meal, and have it get cold midway through.

            I am going again and again and again.