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Oct 27, 2007 03:49 PM

Compass--A Dark & Stormy Night

I had dinner at Compass last night before an event at Lincoln Center. The food was adequate -- soup served warm, not near hot, attractive plating, nothing memorable. Service was quite nice. The only problem came when we headed out of the restaurant. It took the young lady at the coat check at least 5 minutes to find my sister-in-law's umbrella, and after some 15 mintues of searching, my umbrella never showed up. The young lady working the coat check room looked terrified and totally overwhelmed. I asked if I could come look for my own umbrella--but that wasn't allowed. As the line for coat check grew to the length of the restaurant, the manager came in and started helping other customers. Still, the coat check woman kept promising me "one more minute". Finally, making a decision between arriving at Lincoln Center on-time and wet, or dry (maybe...if by magic the umbrella appeared) and late, I gave up. I asked the manager if they would pay for my umbrella--he took out his wallet and threw $20 at me. That wasn't what I was expecting, and I left it on the counter as I walked out.

So...the upshot is--dine at Compass for an okay, nothing special meal--but if you have anything you value with you, DON'T CHECK IT!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. So, the next day I called and discovered they had found my umbrella. I asked them to send it to me, and they agreed. That was 10 days ago...and no sign of the umbrella. No return call to my message left for the manager to find out why it hadn't been sent, either. Somehow, with an approach to customer service like that, it doesn't matter how good the food is (and it wasn't that good, anyway).

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        Final follow-up: after another call to the manager 3 weeks ago, an umbrella (not mine) arrived today. I assume it was from Compass--no note, no return address. So, I'm happy to have the umbrella, but if I ever eat there again (unlikely), I will certainly avoid the coat check!

        1. re: Marion Morgenthal

          It is amazing how an inadequate manager can ruin the thought of dining at that restaurant. Till they decide on getting a more qualified manager, I think
          I will just skip this restaurant from now on, as well as recommending it. (and it is right up the street from me!)