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Oct 27, 2007 03:05 PM

Looking for Harry Potter-inspired recipes

We are having a Harry Potter themed Halloween party this year and I am looking for HP-inspired recipes to serve buffet style. Savory recipes are particularly welcome, as most of the recipes I have found online are for sweets.


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  1. The problem is, those kids eat mainly candy and cake the entire seven books. But you could make some traditional British foods (ie, shepherd's pie, bubble and squeak, welsh rarebit, etc.). Worst case scenario, make fish (fingers) and chips for the kids...

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      this is true. even the headmaster used candy names for the password to his office. regular food was rarely described and seemed to be typical british fare. so you're kind of stuck with the pumpkin pasties, treacle tarts, etc. i don't think you'd be able to replicate the puking pastiles and nosebleed nougats, though.

    2. Have you tried Muggle Net or Leaky Cauldron? I think I read about someone having a Potter theme party for the book release on SuperNaturale /Glitter boards too. Try a search there. I remember reading about making traditional British foods for a Potter party and just renaming them. Any meat pasty might do too.

      1. Oh my gosh, may I please come?! How fun! I googled "Harry Potter food" and found many wonderful websites among this one:
        be sure to scroll all the way down this one. I hope it helps, enjoy, and happy halloween.

        1. It would be fun to get some of the sugar skulls they have in Mexico for the Day of the Dead. Also - you must have pumpkin juice. How, I don't know. Maybe a bit of canned pumpkin (not pie filling as it is flavored) and apple cider? Or canned pumpkin added to a veggie fruit juice mix (a lot of those are orange already).

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            Thanks to all for the suggestions. I did find a good recipe for pumpkin juice here:

            Also, for butterbeer (for the grownups, that is), I am combining cream soda and butterscotch schnapps.

            So I went back through some of the books and also consulted the Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet (thanks to Rm33 who pointed me there), and have come up with the following menu for the party:

            Molly Weasley's English Onion Soup with Stilton toast (I am using Jamie Oliver's recipe for onion soup for this one


            Pumpkin Pasties (basically pumpkin pie filling in puff pastry)

            Baby Dragon Wings (sweet and sour chicken wings)

            The Wurst of Durmstrang (a selection of sausages cut into rounds)

            Cauldron Cakes (chocolate cupcakes with chocolate filling and licorice handles)

            Cockroach clusters (the gross-yet-delicious chow mein noodle/chocolate/peanut butter cookies of my 1970s childhood)

            Hagrid's Rock Cakes (Stilton and prosciutto scones)

            Cornish Pasties (the classic)

            Beauxbatons Fortress du Fromage (French cheese plate)

            Enbell, if you are anywhere near Pittsburgh on November 3, you are welcome to come to the party!