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Oct 27, 2007 02:41 PM

Bistro Nous - N.Dallas

James Rowland, most recently of the Dallas National Golf Club and Crescent Court before that, recently opened up a new restaurant in the old Urban Bistro / Modo Mio space at Frankford and the Tollway. Anyone tried it yet?

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      1. I finally tried Bistro Nous last night. What a wonderful place! They have a great bar/lounge area where we settled in for a few drinks before dinner. The bartender and the GM were very friendly, giving us insight into the menu and the plans for the restaurant. The menu was very impressive. EXTREMELY reasonable price points with interesting and unique chef created food items. There was even an ask James option which is basically a tasting menu with the customers input. All of the items we ordered were outstanding. I really think that this place has the potential to be the York Street/Lola of North Dallas. I will definitely return and I hope that others join me because North Dallas needs more restaurants like this one.

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          It sounds great. What are some examples of items on the menu and price points. How much was the tasting menu? Do they do a wine pairing with the tasting menu?

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            Some of the smaller plates (although not so small) we had were:

            potato tart with spinach, prosciutto and St. Andre.
            pork ribs
            quail legs with vegetable slaw
            empanadas with an amazing sausage filling
            egg noodles, mushrooms, and chicken, in a brown butter sauce

            I think all these were around $10 each. Most were in the $8-12 range.

            We also had a larger plate of lamb chops with polenta and broccolini in a red wine reduction. I think that was about $16. Most of the standard entrees were in the teens.

            There are also some higher end entrees on the menu (Lobster cavier omelet) that were in the $20-60 range.

            That is what I found refreshing about the restaurant. If you want to spend a lot of money you can or if you want to keep your bill within a budget you can do that too.

            The "ask James" feature on the menu is currently a flexible price point. I believe you tell him how much you want to spend and he tailors the meal meet your needs. I was told they do have wine pairings.

        2. Yes. We did the "ask James" option. We had:

          Corn Taco and Chicken Soup.
          Caesar Salad.
          Crab Cakes with Remoullade Sauce. These could be the best crab cakes in Dallas!
          Diver Scallops w. Crimson Lentils. Intriging spicing on the lentils.
          Then we split.
          I had asked for organ meat and got a plate of calves liver, heart, and gizzards with braised apples.
          My dining companions came from the more conventional side of the human race. They had Chateaubriand. The tenderloin was melt in your mouth soft.

          Finally, dessert was Valrhona Chocolate Cake and Romanoff Cake.

          All this was expertly prepared and expertly served. When you do the 'ask James.." option chef James Rowland comes over to your table and you decide what you would like him to prepare and he tells you what the options are. It is a very personal, homely style of dining but the results stand up to the haut cuisine anywhere in town. After all, James Rowland used to be a senior chef for Rosewood Hotels.

          The wine list is small but well chosen. The Argentinian Malbec was so good we ordered a second bottle.

          Bistro Nous is doing a soft opening. The sign is a temporary plastic affair and the web site ( is under construction. No reviews have appeared in the legacy media. We try lots of places on opening and find a mixed bag. This is the best new place I have come across in Dallas for a long time. When it gets known this may become a hard reservation to get. As another poster said here, it will become the 'York St' of North Dallas.

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            Sounds great..but I do hope it will not become the "York St" of North Dallas, because inevitably that will raise the prices!

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              This is as good as what everyone says. Thanks Chowhounds for an excellent recommendation. Their simple spinach salad was really enjoyable. We also had crab cakes yum! Bouillabaise which was packed full of fresh seafood and filet. They were so sweet to my little toddler (UNLIKE YORK STREET) and even offered to make him a meal even though they didn't have a kiddie menu. However, our little toddler is somewhat a Chowpup and prefers filet mignon to mac and cheese so happily sat for an hour and half and ate what we had.

              The wine list was also excellent. it was a really enjoyable experience.

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