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Oct 27, 2007 01:53 PM

Ressies Needed at Gibson's?

If we arrive at Gibson's without a reservation on a Sunday night, what can we expect? We won't be in any hurry at all. We're staying within walking distance, and will be happy to have a couple in the bar before dinner. But I don't wait to wait more than an hour for a table either.

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  1. Without a booking you'll wait at least an hour.

    For a bad table.

    My advice for a tourist/non-regular?

    Make a booking in advance.

    When you arrive, sidle up to Kathy O'Malley (the maitre d') and lay on the shmooze.


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    1. re: Erik M

      Thanks for the advice. My schmoozing skills aren't the best, but I'll give it a shot.

      1. re: Jimbeaux

        I just called, and my choices were 5:30 and earlier, or 9:30 and later. So I took 9:30.

        I'm really surprised, for some reason I thought Sundays wouldn't be busy. NOT!

        1. re: Jimbeaux

          Oh, it is *always* busy.

          Last night at 9pm the bar area was packed with people waiting for tables and there were another 20 or so people waiting outside.

          Sheesh. It couldn't have been more than 50 degrees outside and the outdoor seating area was fully occupied.

          At any rate, I hope that you enjoy your visit.


    2. Chicago has a lot of excellent steakhouses. Gibson's seems to book up the furthest in advance. If you'd be open to trying someplace else, you might want to check out the discussion of various steakhouses in the topic at