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Oct 27, 2007 12:53 PM

Asian Supermarkets

I'm looking for a chinese (or korean) supermarket in the DC area. Does anyone have any recommendations for one with the best selection? Thanks.

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  1. If you are willing to leave DC there is a Super H on rte 50 in Fairfax. Nice selection of both prepared food and none. Gets very crowded on the weekends.

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      Again it depends how far you're willing to go - but there are two Global Foods in the Manassas area with very thorough Asian sections.

    2. For Korean food try Lotte in Silver Spring, Maryland. It's decent for the basics and they have a Chinese foods aisle. But an even better reason to go is that on the weekends they make fresh hottok outside in the back parking lot! Oh and sometimes they make that fish thingy with sweet bean paste filling. Hottok is sooo good this time of the year.

      Lotte 13625-A Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20906

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        The fish waffles with red bean are called "taiyaki" (in Japanese).

      2. In addition to those mentioned already:

        Rockville has its own Lotte (Korean) and a Kam Sam (Chinese). In Virginia, Merrifield has Great Wall (Chinese) and an H-Mart (Korean), while Annandale has a smaller Kam Sam.

        There are Grand Marts (Korean) throughout the Metro area, but they vary greatly by location in terms of ingredients selection and cleanliness. The one in Sterling, VA by me is very clean and has a wide selection of Asian and Hispanic ingredients.

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          The Rockville Lotte, Parklawn Dr nr Boiling Brook is closed. A latino market is "coming soon." No loss, as it was small and smelly. The Grand Mart in Gaithersburg is decent, with hispanic as well as asian specialties, and a hot food bar.

        2. In my opinion, the Super H in Fairfax is much better than its Korean competition: the Lotte in Fairfax and the Grand Mart in Falls Church. In addition, the price and quality of the produce at Super H is much better than at any other supermarket in Northern Virginia, ethnic or otherwise.