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Cider and Donuts in the NW???

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Does anyone know of any true cider mills in the NW that also make their own donuts on premises?

I'm a Michigan boy that has been without my beloved fall tradition of visiting cider mills and having fresh pressed cider and warm cinnamon donuts all year.

Thanks in adance.

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  1. I moved to Seattle last year from Boston and have had the same cravings. I love fresh (unpasteurized ideally) sweet cider. Here is what I've come up with so far:

    Around Skagit valley: I went to a couple of orchards today. Rosabella's Garden and Bakery (Bow, WA) had cider donuts and unpasteurized cider (yeah!). Jones Creek Farms (http://www.skagitvalleyfruit.com) around Sedro-Woolley has a nice orchard with lots of heirloom varieties. Got some cider, but no donuts (they were freshly coating Calville Blanc apple with caramel, though...
    A couple of weeks ago I trekked over to Wenatchee and found some decent cider at roadside stands. Pumpkin donuts and cider were found at Orondo Cider works (http://www.orondociderworks.com).

    Last year I had luck with cider and heirloom apples at the orchards around Hood River, Oregon. I don't recall donuts, but I was on a cider quest.

    1. Harvest House--one of the Green Bluff farms near Spokane--has cider and donuts. Since so many of those growers grow apples and do stuff to attract the public, I bet other Green Bluff farmers have them too.


      1. I've found that people out west look at you funny when you suggest cider and donuts go well together. It's more of an east/midwest thing, which is a shame. Great to know about that Spokane place. I've sometimes gone to the Pike Place Market and gotten cider from Woodring's Orchard and then walked down to the donut place by DeLaurenti's.

        I bought some cider from Jones Creek in Sedro Woolley yesterday too. Haven't tried it yet because it was frozen, but with all those heirloom varieties (nearly 200), I'm excited.

        1. oh my gosh im a michigan girl looking for the same freaking thing which is why im trying to google apple cider mills. haha thats so funny. But please if you figure out a great place that has the amazing pressed cider and donuts let me know!! I miss it too!

            1. I take it we're not talking about hard cider and donuts, cuz that doesn't sound too appetizing to this boy.

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                yes, i looked at that subject line too - being Canadians, we do know of the "soft cider" (basically we'd consider it to be apple juice sold from someone's garage "press" in Summerland BC or some such thing) - or Grower's which is what is carbonated alcohol approx 6 percent. Growers has been around in British Columbia since the 1930's I think. A food historian would have to check on that ... tho I have seen adverts in vintage magazines.

              2. Orondo Cider Works, Orondo, WA - several years ago had delicious pumpkin donuts about this time of year. They had cider which I thougt was okay.

                There is also a cider place in Cashmere, WA.

                1. Yes, down in these parts, "cider" by default means freshly pressed, unfiltered apple juice. I would say the long traditions of fermented English cider, French cidre, German apfelwein, etc., are not so well-known among the general public.

                  There's a place in Olympia, WA that does cider and apple fritters. Look up Lattin's Country Cider Mill.