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Report of Winelands visit-October, 2007

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Just wanted to report back about the wineries we visited and the food we had. We had planned on 4 days, but because of illness we missed the last day. We still visited many very good wineries. We visited the following wineries:Vergelegen- cellar tour, Morgenster olive oil and good Bodeaux blend, Ken Forrester- FMC Chenin, Ernie Els- I was hesitant to visit because I thought it was a large commercial endeavor. It was one of our best visits we had. The setting is outstanding, the people gracious and informative and the wines were yummy. Our favorites were the Cirrus- a Syrah, and the 2004 Ernie Els a very good Bordeaux blend. Rust and Verde- ok., Avondale- great visit and cellar tour- we had made an appointment. We had all their wines and our favorite was 2003 Les Pleurs Syrah, Fairview was a total waste of time- crowded assembly line for tasting the cheese and wine. My hubby wanted to taste the cheese- it is like a visit to a mini Disneyland great for kids I suppose- the wines were very mediocre.-Glen Carlou- great setting and good Syrah and Cab-Tokara- good lunch, fabulous setting, and good wines- though no standouts-Boekenhoutskloof, the cash cow Porqupine Ridge wines are good, not great the Chocolate Block and the as yet unreleased 2006 Reserve Syrah were very good- Stonybrook, a very small winery nearby which made good Semillon and Cab- Moreson finally a good Pinotage, also good SB and Chenin Reserve - my hubby tasted more reds, but no notes.
The scenery is fabulous and the experience of tasting wsa so civilized. The tasting usually took place sitting down with a lovely view and someone from the winery helping you and answering questions. Most wineries charged for tastings, but with the $-rand this amounted to $2 each person for all wines!!!
If anyone wants more information I have a very complete list that was given to me by a local wine connoiseur-many more wineries and the best of each.
Our favorite restarants were Ruebens and Moersons Bread and Wine.

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  1. The Ernie Els had better be good at around R500 a bottle for some of them! Try selling this wine under another name at the same price... no way!!!

    1. As far as we know none of the wines we tasted were more than 200R per bottle. Most were in the 50-100 R range. Although 200R may be high for locals, on the World market it is not particularly high.