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Mcdonalds rant...grrrrr!

My other had inguinal groin hernia surgery yesterday and is well...cranky and in alot of pain. He had a simple request. A quarter pounder with no onions and fries with hot mustard and bbq sauce. On the way out the door, my niece and her girlfriend submitted their request of a chicken club and a double HAMBURGER no onions or pickles and fries, also with the above mentioned sauces.

While pulling up, the line was around the building...great. Not that I love the wait, but at least there is half a chance of getting hot fries. I place my order. STRESS the no onions...STRESS the double HAMburger, NO CHEESE, no onions or pickles. I pull up and pay my $14. I wait. I am asked to pull up to an empty space for my order....they confirm sauce choices. 8 minutes later, I get 2 bags and a drink carrier.

When I get home, I get a QP with onions and no cheese, a double cheese and a chicken club so cold and icky the dog wouldn't touch it. (cold chicken, 1 slice of nuked bacon torn in half, 1 slice of weird color tomato, 2 leaves of lettuce so old they were almost black and enough mayo to spackle a house). Not a sauce in sight. He requests Cheerios because he is hungry NOW.

I am now irritated...more because I am tired and I know I have another few LONG nights ahead of me. I call. I request the manager. Smart mouth Susie says that Manager is "dealin with some other peeps" and call back later. I am hung up on. Do I call corporate or just blow off the $14 load of garbage and call it a day? Let me just reitterate that I hate hernia surgery!

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  1. if you otherwise like mcd's food, i would call corporate.

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      I doubt that this will yield results. I almost never go to Mickey D's any more, but the last time I did a couple years ago, I called to corporate to complain because the place refused to offer tap water (this was after I tried to reach the franchise heads, who have a recorded "leave a message" outgoing message -- yeah, like that's going to produce anything). At corporate, I was told that they franchise out and are not able to control the policies of individual outlets and refused to help further. And that was that.

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        Maybe I am wrong, but I do not think McDonald's is 100% franchised. And even so, I would bet that if corporate got enough complaints about a location, they might try to do something. I do not recall having a problem with Mickey D's orders, but generally I am only ordering for one person, with no special requests, so not much chance for error.

    2. Anytime you're dealing with a place that busy, it's good to double check things before you leave. I never do this, and I have gotten home with wacky things. But, when you have picky eaters, what can ya do? With a line around the building, you know it's a madhouse inside.
      Go ahead and call corporate. Even though it's only $14, you didn't get what you paid for. Maybe the restaurant is having some management problems, or has a new staff and doesn't know how to handle crowds. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed.

      1. Got to check everything, especially with the drive through. Which is basically not feasible when checking involves unwrapping and opening your sandwich up while a bunch of cars are waiting behind you. I have a picky family member that commonly sent angry letters to corporate offices about these types of things. Mc Donalds is responsive to this -- they would send us lots of coupons for free food.

        1. This is a constant problem at our local Mcd's. I believe that the real underlying problem at our location is a language barrier. Spanish is the native language of most of the employees and it can be difficult to get a special order processed. I have a very picky eater and I have resorted to unwrapping the sandwiches BEFORE I leave the drive through window. It is much easier to just hand the sandwich back than park the car and run in. The second time it is right and much quicker too since you are holding up the line.

          1. There can't be another fast food brand as inconsistent as Micky D's. Their franchising is so irratic, so utterly hit and miss. I've actually heard local Georgia country boys complimenting people at a particular Micky D's on how much better they are than other area Micky D's. "Ya'll always have the best hamburgers". I quietly agreed.

            Not that I eat Micky D's very often, or anything.....

            1. A wise man said (and I have to paraphrase here): "They (mess) with you at the drive thru, okay? They (mess with you) at the drive-thru! They know you're gonna be miles away before you find out you got (messed with)! They know you're not gonna turn around and go back, they don't care. So who gets (messed with)? Ol' Leo Getz! Okay, sure! I don't give a (mess)! I'm not eating this tuna, okay?" - Joe Pesci, as Leo Getz, "Lethal Weapon 2"

              That's why I don't do drive thrus.

              1. When I go through the McD's drive-through (which is rare to never now), I always pull forward and immediately check my order. They get it wrong 8 out of 10 times. I've logged complaints through their local website, and get a call-back on rare occasions, often days or weeks later, early on Saturday mornings while I'm sleeping. They say they'll send out free food coupons, and we never get anything.
                McDonald's are badly managed, they apparently hire monolingual aliens and persons of decreased mental capacity, and the quality of their sandwich ingredients is spotty at best. It's incredibly disappointing to me because my first couple of jobs were McDonald's jobs, and back then I really tried to have pride in the product produced. But now, unless I want a breakfast sandwich (which they seem to get wrong more than right), I go other places for my burger fix.
                My advice -- make them read the order back verbatim before you leave the squawk box, check it again before you pull away from the window, and ask for the manager if they get it wrong. If they are indeed making each sandwich to order, it shouldn't be so difficult for them to get the order right.

                1. One time when I sent DH to get an Asian salad with grilled chicken, he brought home a bacon ranch with fried chicken, even though receipt read what I wanted. I complained on their website. The manager called, apologizing and sent me coupons for 2 free salads and drinks. I do check my food before I leave though, since I order salad mostly its pretty easy.

                  1. I would complain about Smart Mouth Susie, if nothing else. "dealin with some other peeps" ??? Honestly.

                    I rarely if ever go to McDonald's anymore, but if I do its almost always for breakfast. And I often place my order in Spanish.....and usually I get it right. Yes, its probably best to check the order when its handed to you...but unwrapping everything to check is not only a pain, but also leads to cold food.....

                    1. I've tried to contact McDonalds corporate about a local store (Ventura CA) that consistantly got EVERY order wrong and had indifferent management when I complained. They had a placard a number to call if you had complaints but the employees had covered it up. McDonalds sent me back a form message explaining that the store is a franchise and the franchisee is the one to address such problems, which translates to "it's not our problem." Fine. I came to the realization that this was a nationwide problem when I visited my daughter in Bellbrook, Ohio, and went to the local McDonalds. I ordered two sausage biscuits -- nothing fancy, no weird changeups. I received two biscuits, each carefully wrapped and and two sausages carefully placed in a separate styrofoam container. McDonald's reminds me of the old Lily Tomlin telephone company bit (I'm dating myself here). "We don't care because we don't have to." The problem is that you need to lower your expectations, then you won't be so disappointed/annoyed.

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                        That sounds like a pretty crummy response you got, telling you to take it up with the franchisee. You would think that the corporate office would take an interest since a poor franchise only gives the entire company a bad name. But in my experience, I have found McD to be the worst of them. It really seems like they could care less who opens a franchised location as long as they have the buy-in $$. You would think if you were lending your name to something, you'd want to make sure it didn't get tarnished.

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                          Wait, the Mickey D's company has a good name?

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                          I think we all need to realize that, honestly, they really could care less if a certain percentage of their customers get bad service. I recently filed a complaint with one here and it took two tries to even get a response, and the response was a form letter. I don't go to that particular location anymore but honestly I really get the sense that it's easier for them to ignore complaints and lose customers and that they are fine with it. Frustrating, yes, but that's just how it is.

                        3. I always say I am going to call when stuff like that happens, but I very rarely do. I have learned to check my order before I leave the window. They hate that, but tough.

                          1. Sounds like typical food quality I find whenver opening a bag from a McDonalds drive-thru. Or when dining at one of their "fine" establishments for that matter.

                            1. well, I was so irritated that I sent my exact post to McDonalds website. I got a letter in the mail today from their Corporate office saying that they are trying to regulate quality control issues with their franchises and they were sorry for the inconvenience. Thats it. Not even a coupon for a free freakin double HAMburger!

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                                Maybe that's part of their quality control, not sending you a coupon to go visit another lame franchise where they will screw up your order, lol.

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                                  I knw you may feel ripped off, but would it be any better to go back and get free food done wrong?

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                                    Well, its a little off topic because it wasn't McDonald's, but I went to another chain drive-up today and ordered a cheeseburger. When they handed me the bag I glanced briefly, and thought: "That sure looks thick for a cheeseburger." Sure enough, they had given me a triple (and so charged me as it turns out!)...No cheese!! So I asked them to redo it, they supposedly did and handed me a refund of the difference. But when I checked the second burger (after I left the driveup...I didn't think lightning would strike twice!) there was still no cheese!! In a fit of pique I called the manager, and was told "Sounds like the sandwhich maker wasn't paying attention. I'll talk to her." No offer of refunds or coupons or anything else.....

                                  2. We have one of the worst Mickydees known to mankind here in Delray Beach. Fries are always cold, orders are wrong, awful service by miserable specimens of humans. It's so bad people drive out of their way to another one or have given up completely and go to other chains instead. Even the local teenagers talk about how bad this franchise is and don't go.

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                                      There's one in my area that even waters down the soft serve mix to the point it's completely flavorless and full of ice crystals. An email to HQ did result in a question about the exact location of the store. That was it.

                                    2. McDonalds does not serve food. It serves chemicals that happen to be shaped like food. You would have been better off just making a PBJ. That said, go BACK onto the website and complain to the corporation. Make sure to mention how you would LIKE to recommend thier restaurant to friends, however you can't possibly do so with the type of service demonstrated in your experience. Carry on a bit. Demand retribution. Stress the fact that you are a 'loyal customer'. They will most likely send you some vouchers for more chemicals shaped like food.

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                                        Perhaps.. but the odds are just as great that you will get a Lily Tomlin/AT&T Laugh In-type response.. McD doesn't care because they don't have to. They will get tons of customers no matter what and those lame franchise owners know it. Otherwise they would have cleaned up their act a long time ago because no one can be that oblivious to how bad the place is.

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                                          I don;t know about your McDonald's. but the one in my town serves burgers that are made from beef and french fries that are made from potatoes. The ingredients in the salads are also actual tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

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                                            Watch the movie "Super Size Me" and get back to me ;)

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                                              What are you talking about?

                                              Beef Patty
                                              100% pure USDA inspected beef; no additives, no fillers, no extenders. Prepared with grill seasoning (salt, black pepper).

                                              French Fries: Potatoes, vegetable oil, natural beef flavor, citric acid, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (maintain color), dimethylpolysiloxane (antifoaming agent)), salt.

                                              Beef and potatoes...plus a little something extra

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                                                Better still, read "Fast Food Nation".

                                          2. While I understand your plight, fast food is not the place for special orders. My bf loathes all condiments, and pretty much every chain out their doesn't understand when you say DRY or no this no that etc.

                                            When I occasionally indulge in McDonald's, it's usually a $1.00 double cheeseburger. They make so many of them that it's always hot, fresh, and correct. Now if only they could improve their vanilla cone making skills, I'd be in heaven.

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                                              No special orders at fast food? When I used to eat burgers, I would usually go to BK because they really did believe in "Have it your way". A Whopper Jr. with extra tomato and extra pickle, and no mayo - never had a problem, and never had to wait. We also have a chain here in Canada called "Harvey's", where they build your burger in front of you - it takes a little longer because they don't start cooking until you order, but if you want mustard, relish, and tomato with the dill pickle slices on the side, that's what you get. McD's is the only one of the big chains where I find it almost impossible to get a variant on the standard package.

                                            2. Always. Always check your order before pulling out of the drive thru. Check your hamburgers for toppings, and count everything. Check to see you have enough sauce and straws. Always.

                                              Corporate complaints seem like a waste of your time. I'm not sure what you would get out of it? A coupon for a free cheeseburger, that comes in the mail in 6 months?

                                              I don't know about you, but im not sure a letter would be worth the time effort and paper needed to make and send it.

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                                                Many McDonald's restaurants have parking spaces just after the drive-thru window...an easy solution to this problem is to pull into one of those after you receive your order, check it, and then go inside to complain if there's something wrong/missing.

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                                                  Unfortunately, many do not have the spaces and even if they do, it sort of takes away the notion of "fast" food to have to pull over and check one's order, then go inside to have it made right. In a perfect world, there would not be mistakes, or at least not as many as are made. Then again, in a perfect world, I would not be eating at McDonald's!

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                                                    it takes away from the notion of fast food? i guess.

                                                    you want to know what would take away from my notion of fast food? getting something i didn't order and spending my entire meal in anger.

                                                    and seriously, it doesnt matter if someone is behind you, just pull forward in the lane. stop. look at your food. the car behind you can be at the window, and has enough room to go around you if you need to get out and complain.

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                                                      also, i don't mean to sound elitest here... but mistakes are going to be made. mcdonalds usually has a very quick 2 minute drive thru time. plus sometimes the employees can be uneducated, or not speak english. theres nothing wrong with that, but i can certainly understand how mistakes can be made in a chaotic environment. also, if you get paid minimum wage, theres not much incentive to "give it your all".

                                                      these are all generalizations and open to much argument. im just saying that it is easy to see how mistakes are made at a fast food job.