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Oct 27, 2007 12:37 PM

Mcdonalds rant...grrrrr!

My other had inguinal groin hernia surgery yesterday and is well...cranky and in alot of pain. He had a simple request. A quarter pounder with no onions and fries with hot mustard and bbq sauce. On the way out the door, my niece and her girlfriend submitted their request of a chicken club and a double HAMBURGER no onions or pickles and fries, also with the above mentioned sauces.

While pulling up, the line was around the building...great. Not that I love the wait, but at least there is half a chance of getting hot fries. I place my order. STRESS the no onions...STRESS the double HAMburger, NO CHEESE, no onions or pickles. I pull up and pay my $14. I wait. I am asked to pull up to an empty space for my order....they confirm sauce choices. 8 minutes later, I get 2 bags and a drink carrier.

When I get home, I get a QP with onions and no cheese, a double cheese and a chicken club so cold and icky the dog wouldn't touch it. (cold chicken, 1 slice of nuked bacon torn in half, 1 slice of weird color tomato, 2 leaves of lettuce so old they were almost black and enough mayo to spackle a house). Not a sauce in sight. He requests Cheerios because he is hungry NOW.

I am now irritated...more because I am tired and I know I have another few LONG nights ahead of me. I call. I request the manager. Smart mouth Susie says that Manager is "dealin with some other peeps" and call back later. I am hung up on. Do I call corporate or just blow off the $14 load of garbage and call it a day? Let me just reitterate that I hate hernia surgery!

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  1. if you otherwise like mcd's food, i would call corporate.

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      I doubt that this will yield results. I almost never go to Mickey D's any more, but the last time I did a couple years ago, I called to corporate to complain because the place refused to offer tap water (this was after I tried to reach the franchise heads, who have a recorded "leave a message" outgoing message -- yeah, like that's going to produce anything). At corporate, I was told that they franchise out and are not able to control the policies of individual outlets and refused to help further. And that was that.

      1. re: bachslunch

        Maybe I am wrong, but I do not think McDonald's is 100% franchised. And even so, I would bet that if corporate got enough complaints about a location, they might try to do something. I do not recall having a problem with Mickey D's orders, but generally I am only ordering for one person, with no special requests, so not much chance for error.

    2. Anytime you're dealing with a place that busy, it's good to double check things before you leave. I never do this, and I have gotten home with wacky things. But, when you have picky eaters, what can ya do? With a line around the building, you know it's a madhouse inside.
      Go ahead and call corporate. Even though it's only $14, you didn't get what you paid for. Maybe the restaurant is having some management problems, or has a new staff and doesn't know how to handle crowds. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed.

      1. Got to check everything, especially with the drive through. Which is basically not feasible when checking involves unwrapping and opening your sandwich up while a bunch of cars are waiting behind you. I have a picky family member that commonly sent angry letters to corporate offices about these types of things. Mc Donalds is responsive to this -- they would send us lots of coupons for free food.

        1. This is a constant problem at our local Mcd's. I believe that the real underlying problem at our location is a language barrier. Spanish is the native language of most of the employees and it can be difficult to get a special order processed. I have a very picky eater and I have resorted to unwrapping the sandwiches BEFORE I leave the drive through window. It is much easier to just hand the sandwich back than park the car and run in. The second time it is right and much quicker too since you are holding up the line.

          1. There can't be another fast food brand as inconsistent as Micky D's. Their franchising is so irratic, so utterly hit and miss. I've actually heard local Georgia country boys complimenting people at a particular Micky D's on how much better they are than other area Micky D's. "Ya'll always have the best hamburgers". I quietly agreed.

            Not that I eat Micky D's very often, or anything.....