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Oct 27, 2007 12:09 PM

Cool neighborhood spots

will be in Chicago in l late November and am wanting some recommendations for spots for lunch in near-by neighborhoods. We will be staying in downtown but would like to explore some cool neighborhood spots that wouldn't be too far to reach by cab.

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    1. thanks for this great link. Since I'm not familiar with the city I'm not sure where some of these places are. Would Bucktown and/or Wicker Park be good places to walk around and are any of these great spots remotely close to those neighborhoods?

      1. re: gazpacho

        Yes, Wicker Park and Bucktown are good areas for walking around in. There's a nice big park just off Damen - S. of the Blue line El stop there, and lots of interesting shops and restaurants.

        1. re: leek

          are there specific lunch places that anyone can recommend in either Wicker Park or Bucktown?

          1. re: gazpacho

            If you're up for pizza (not Chicago-style), Piece on North Ave just east of the El stop, is tasty. They do New Haven-style pies, and have an extensive list of traditional and non-traditional toppings. Our fave is the bacon and basil. YUM. Apps are OK...they also but they brew their own award-winning beer!


            There are a few gourmet "grocery" stores in Wicker Park and Bucktown, where you could get a sandwich, salad, etc. Check out Goddess and The Grocer ( and Cooking Fools (

            Oh, and save some pennies...this 'hood has some unique shops, too!

            1. re: gazpacho

              Don't miss lunch at Milk & Honey Cafe which is on Division Street just east of Damen Ave in Wicker Park. Awesome little cafe with great lunch and great pastries. Enjoy.

      2. Where "downtown" are you staying? I'm assuming somewhere near Mag Mile? If so, it's walking distance to the best hot dogs in town (and just for the experience) - you have to visit Portillo's - 100 W Ontario. Also, try Dublin's Pub - 1050 N State. A lively bar by night, but good for lunch too. In the Loop try Seven on State - 7th floor of Macy's at 111 N State - formerly Marshall Fields (sob) - nice food court with variety of foods. Also on the 7th floor of Macy's is the Walnut Room - fabulous Sunday brunch and beautiful holiday deocrations.