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Apr 25, 2006 03:54 PM

East Bay Sushi

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My wife and I still mourn the passing of Jun-Jun,
that little bit of Heaven in, of all places, Orinda.
We know all the usual EBay haunts in the Oakland/Berkeley area, like Kirala, but in our view,
none of them is as soul-satisfying as Jun-Jun was.
Can any ex-Jun-Jun'ers out there help???

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  1. Heading over to Sushi Zone in that big complex on Ninth btwn Franklin and Webster....first time try.

    Will post results.

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    1. Two of my favorite sushi spots in Oakland are Drunken Fish (corner of
      Piedmont Ave. and Broadway) and Mijori ( Grand Ave.)
      Fresh cuts of fish and excellent presentations and wonderful variety
      of rolls. The amaebi at Drunken Fish was the sweetest fresh shrimp I've
      ever had in an amaebi. The heads of the shrimp were fried and served
      piping hot. Great selection of saki- I must add.

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      1. re: Paul

        Could you tell us more about Mijori?

        Here's a link to an older post comparing Drunken Fish and Sushi Zone.


      2. Uzen on College Ave. on Oakland/Rockridge's Restaurant Row, close to the library and Hudson Bay Cafe. Sleek paired down decor, very fresh fish treated simply. Nothing too fancy here. Try the toro, the best I've ever had.

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        1. The best sushi in the East Bay in my opinion is at Yume on Park Blvd in Alameda. Sushi chef, Hideki, has the freshest fish around - hands down. It's very small with only 8 seats at the bar and 2 tables and is often filled with sushi afficionados and folks who used to live in Japan. This place is not a spot for someone who wants US style sushi concoctions like mega rolls or crazy fried rolls with cream cheese type fillings. I think it's pretty much like you'd get sushi in Japan - pure and super fresh.

          1. Drunken fish. Have the amigo roll--raw spicy tuna and a tempura shrimp in sushi rice and rolled up in delicate pink soy (?) skin with black tobiko on top and drizzled with a wasabi sauce. Beautiful and tasty.

            The wakame salad is super.

            Hope it stays good. So often things change. =(