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Oct 27, 2007 10:19 AM

Halloween is the Time for a Jersey Devil Cake

The above is a very interesting web page, in keeping with this time of year. An interesting legend....and scroll to the end of the page you will come upon the recipe for the Jersey Devil Cake. Being a S.Jersyite I live in the area where this story (supposedly) took place !

Safe and Happy Halloween, everyone !

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  1. had to laugh when I saw the title of your post...we are transplanted to NOLA from Absecon and loved to find this cake on menus around halloween

    stay out of leeds point!

    1. yo, Jersey girl in the house! Not from Absecon but born in Hackensack, raised near the Jersey Shore and then lived in Mt. Laurel for a few years too (now in FL)...thanks for this article...will forward to my sister in Shrewsbury and will probably try this cake tomorrow...heh! Rockers Bruce and Bon Jovi have both referred to the Jersey Devil too at their concerts!

      1. I've been a jersey girl all my life - and I am going to make a jersey devil cake tomorrow to salute the holiday - thanks for the link! :0) (pssst, don't tell anyone, but Halloween is my favorite holiday...)