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Oct 27, 2007 10:19 AM

Vancouver - Granville Island

Anyone know of a good restaurant on granville island -- mid price range with someplace I can take my foodie family and get lots of compliments?

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  1. I do enjoy Sandbar, it gets rowdy for dinner but the share plates and some entrees are good. Not sure if they take reso but there's usually a lineup on the weekend but it moves fast. If you can get a table near the window, there's a nice view as well. Not sure if you are fan of seafood but if u r, get their wok squid, its quite delish. Have fun.

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      GI is something of a wasteland for foodies-Yes there are some smatterings in the market but the restaurants are mediocre at best, that includes Bridges and the other Cat named place or the hotel options.

      Go Fish isn't strictly speaking on the Island and in any case isn't a sit down option except in the broadest definition of the term.

      You might consider the Afghan Horsemen near the entrance/under the bridge but I haven't been to the new location.

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        I second Sandbar - great view, love the heated patios and blankets the bring out so you can sit outside and enjoy the view. I had the most amazing seafood hot pot there a few years back :)

      2. I suspect you're asking for dinner options. If it's lunch, though, a great picnic-type selection can be made. Mmm... Oyama meats...

        1. Granville Island has a great public market for foodies, but the restaurants wouldn't necessarily be places I'd recommend for foodies looking to impress family members, as they're relatively standard west coast Vancouver fare and cater more to tourists.

          This may be a little bit more than mid price range, but Connor Butler on Granville and West 6th Avenue might suit your needs:

          It's a new restaurant and it's located a short walk up the hill from Granville Island.

          1. I've actually been quite impressed recently with the quality of food at the Dockside Restaurant (in the Granville Island Hotel). This place has had ups and downs over the years but seems to be on an "up" right now. And the view is lovely at night.