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Oct 27, 2007 09:43 AM

What the heck happened to my meatballs?

I am making a Chipolte Meatball recipe from Rick Bayless Mexican Everyday. After making the meatballs and baking them in a 450 deg oven for 20 mins I noticed that the fat did not render. I was able to scoop off this really strange scum from around them. Any ideas why and are they safe to eat?.
By the way the meatballs main ingrediens are minced bacon ( 3 slices), eggs( 2 ) breadcrumbs( 1/2 cup ) and pork ( 1lb ).

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  1. Id say the meat was too lean. When I used to bake meatballs and I was using say, ground sirloin, I would get very little fat but a weird brownish scum like substance. I chalked it up to protein, any blood in the meat and whatever good fat there was leeching out. My meatballs always turned out too dry so I scrapped the expensive stuff and kicked over to 70%. Such is life.

    1. That's very strange, ground PORK is rarely rare :-).
      I don't have that book/recipe, but I hope that the bread crumbs were made from fresh bread and soaked (Not the store bought dry sawdust). One egg should be enough.
      Most importantly, I'd use a lower heat for a longer time, say 375 degrees for 30 minutes or so.

      1. My recipe reads 1 1/4 lb. of pork. They render just like that every time I've made this recipe. Maybe it has to do with the egg. They continue cooking in the sauce and have always turned out fine for me. Delicious.