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Oct 27, 2007 09:17 AM

Anyone been to Shen Hua in Berkeley lately?

Thinking of trying Shen Hua tonight and wanted recent feedback. Any other recommendations for Chinese on College Ave or Oakland area?

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  1. My husband and I recently moved to the Elmwood neighborhood and have been to Shen Hua several times. The food is good, however the service is consistently really terrible. The last time we were there (3-4 weeks ago) we ate in, but ordered extra food so that we'd have enough to take home for leftovers. We had to wait forever for someone to actually acknowledge that we were finished eating and asked that our food be packaged to-go. After another long wait, our boxed food and check came. We paid, and left. The next day when we sat down to eat our leftovers, we found that they had only given us HALF of our food. They left out part of our appetizer, all the rice, and one entire entree! We were so upset that we called them to let them know what had happened. Due to a major language barrier, and the indifferent attitude of the management, it took my husband ~20 minutes on the phone to get the point across. They finally told us that they would leave a credit for 2 meals for us. It took us a few days to return and when we did, we were questioned extensively about the circumstances of the incident (as if we were trying to get away with something).

    Like I said, we thought the food was good, but we probably won't give them our money again.

    1. Was there a few weeks ago, after a long hiatus from eating there and was really disappointed in the food. All I can remember about that meal was an strange tasting sauce on the vegetable dish. Service was fine though.

      1. Well,I've never had bad service but I used to love the food and my last meal or 2 was disappointing.I haven't eaten there in over 3 months,it used to be a staple in our house!

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          1. Been there once, the food was okay but not memorable. The service however wasn't just bad, it was snotty. We ordered the duck (serving 4) and asked for another bun/pancake and they made an issue out of it -- out of a .02 cent bun! Ridiculous and silly.