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Very Nice Salgadinhos & Sugar Cane Juice

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Padaria Brasil Bakery
125 Harvard Ave. Allston - 617-202-6783
(Just off the intersection of Harvard and Brighton Ave. towards Commonwealth)

Peeked in this place a dozen times and never understood how it stayed alive. 3-4:00pm in the afternoon and seldom anyone in there. And the cases usually had almost nothing in them. A complete mystery.

Poked my head in at 10:45 today. Mystery solved. They do a brisk, morning pastry and salgadinho business and I imagine are mostly sold out by 3:00pm.

I had the typical pointy fried chicken one that was probably the best I have ever had (except home made ;-) ) with generous filling and a kibbe which was excellent as well with notable fresh parsley inside which contrasted well with the salty meatiness. Both were rather sizeable.

The case was also full with more breakfasty Portuguese sweets and a range of other salgadinhos.

I also had a large excellent cafe com leite. My entire large brunch was $4.50 or so.

On a previous thread someone also asked about fresh sugar cane juice. These guys have a machine to squeeze it and fresh sugar cane. They made some for a customer while I was there.

They also have branches in Milford and Framingham.

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  1. Because of traffic, I avoid their Framingham branch by frequent the other Braz bakeries. Very busy mornings and also late evening 7-10 PM. Take out and eat in. Thay also probably deliver to markets. I've seen the truck(s). Maye they bake in a central location.

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