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Oct 27, 2007 08:59 AM

Overnight visit to Philly

We are driving in on a Sunday late morning and leaving Monday in the early afternoon. I need one great dinner, light breakfast, and maybe lunch on Monday.

We are from the Pacific NW and this is our first visit to Philly. I want something that represents the city that I can only get there. Dinner does not have to be super fancy or expensive (although that's ok) I just want good food with a fun atmosphere.

Also, (this is off topic, but) any suggestions of where to stay? Thanks.

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  1. Chowhound is great at helping people find great chow, and it works best when the information on the boards is focused on that one area. Lodging is a big topic that's well covered in various general interest travel sites. Thanks for helping us to keep the focus on chow. Thanks, all!

    1. If I knew where you are staying, I could be of bigger help. There's a lot that is representative of the city and a wide range of fare to explore. Arriving late Sunday a.m. may make one of the more elegant brunches in center city appealing (The Rittenhouse or The Four Seasons) which will be quite filling. Later, split a few appetizers at the Sansom Street Oyster House and call it a day. As for breakfast, nothing outstanding comes to mind (I'm a toast and tea guy) but a truly representative farewell lunch would be a cheese steak from either Pat's or Jim's.