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Oct 27, 2007 08:25 AM

Looking for special dinner out in Rio

We are looking for a special dinner out in Rio. We live (part-time) in Copacabana but are open to anywhere - well, probably not Barra. We've eaten at Carlotta in Leblon and thought it was great. I was interested in Mix by Bronze but their website says they're closed for remodeling. If it's not a popular tourist spot, that would really be great. Not interested in a rodizio. I won't say that price is NO object but it will be a special dinner for the two of us. Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Some recommendations:

    I loved Antiquarius, but it's not hip, it's very traditional.

    Gero is hip but not at the expense of quality.

    Carême Bistrô in Botafogo is excellent.

    And Stravaganze Ipanema is high-end pizza, quite wonderful.

    1. although I 've read people praising Antiquarius, I find it old and stuffy. I love Zuka, where chef Felipe Bronze used to work. It is very good. It is on the same street as Carlota. There is a wonderful , but I have to say expensive restaurant, that just opened that has amazing seafood> it is the reaturant of the newly opened Stark hotel: Fasano. The restaurant is Fasano al Mare. Just make sure to check the price list, since it can be quite expensive. Another good idea if you are in Copacabana is the Blé Noir, which is very nice. I also like Zaza Bistro in Ipanema, very nice ambiance. |And one of my favorites lately: Via 7, very nice food, a wonderful terrasse, very friendly service. The chef is spanish but the food is from all over! It is specially nice at lunch! Hope it helps!!

      1. Antiquarius would be a very good choice for a special occasion, if you like Portuguese, which can be very unfamiliar to Americans. The place has been around for a long time and it is very tradicional in Rio. Very old school, not hip, very different from new places like Carlota, Careme Bistro, Zuka - which are very much New York inspired. But don't get me wrong, I love Carlota and Careme Bistro (never been to Zuka).
        A place that I have been wanting to try is Roberta Sudbrak. It's supposed to be really good, although quite expensive. If money is not a problem I would go there.

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          I've noted all of these - and look forward to even more! Thanks. We tend to go to the neighborhood "joints" and love all Brazilian food. But sometimes you want to bump it up a notch. In addition, we are having two sets of visitors in the next few months and like to give them some broader choices. Maybe destroy the budget and eat in a couple of these :)

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            I just remembered another one. It is not fancy , more of a casual place. It is Alessandro and Frederico, in Ipanema. They also have a pizzeria but I dont like the one in Ipanema, prefering their pizzeria in Sao COnrado. But their restaurant at Garcia Davila is quite nice. Good ambiance. Dont forget to go have a salad at Celeiro (rua dias ferreira- Leblon) . It is only opened for lunch . The salads are great (they also have a couple of hot speciasl) , all organic, very special. The place is usually a hangout for local celebrities so you may bump into a paparazzi or two at the door!! but it is very nice. They have a terrasse too, which is quite unusual here... (although it is so warm lately, maybe you wolud rather go to a ac place.... :)

        2. I love Claude Troigros and used to love his restaurant in NYC called CT.
          Now he has Olympe in Rio -- and haven't been back to Rio yet in a while --- but if it is anything like CT it must be good:

          1. Went to 'Gero yesterday for a fabulous lunch! For lunch it's a three course meal for R$70. 'Course by the time you put the couvert on ($R13pp), the water (R$6pp), one of the less expensive bottles of wine, it was a lot, lot more than that - pushing R$375!!! But was a special meal, every bit of it. Unlike some restaurants, at least in the US, some of those menus are quite limited in selections. Not here at all. We had our choice of probably 15 appetizer, 25 main courses and a dozen desserts. I had veal carpaccio with a drizzle of tuna sauce and fried capers along with a little mound of mixed greens. For my main, I had porcini mushroom risotto and dessert of creme brulee with shaved lemon rind. My husband had grilled calamari rings on a bed of mixed greens, main of a baked white fish with a "crust" of asparagus (finely minced but still a little asparagus flavor), and vanilla flan with a berry sauce on the side. I'm still savoring it. Thanks to everyone who has made recommendations. As our budget permits(!), we'll work our way through the list hopefully. In addition, we have two different sets of friends coming to visit in the next few months. I'm sure they'll check out some also. Keep 'em coming :)