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Oct 27, 2007 08:19 AM

Moving to Edinburgh - general recommendations?

I'm moving to Edinburgh in two weeks, and am very curious about what sort of eating-out options await me (and, frankly, after living in Cambridge, it can only be an improvement). I've read through the List's Eating and Drinking guide and it's helped give me some idea of what to expect, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has visited/lived there.

Posts on this board seem to predominantly discuss high-end establishments (and there's nothing wrong with that, as I'll visit Kitchin as soon as I can!). What I am more curious about are the bargains and hidden gems... places that a tourist would be unlikely to stumble across. I'll be living in Bruntsfield, so I'm especially interested in the Bruntsfield/Morningside/Tollcross areas, but suggestions for places father afield would be welcome, too! Oh, and if there is a good local to be had in the aforementioned areas, do tell.

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  1. The List is a good guide tho not always spot on. there are loads of great places to eat here, more restaurants per capita than any other european city! I live on the other side of edin so not that familiar with morningside but can give you a few pointers. On Dalry rd there is a great scottish restaurant called the sizzling scot, very tasty, reasonably priced, decor & website a bit cheesy (tartan etc). There is also a Japanese place called Suhiya which is well worth a visit, quite small tho so always busy. in town I'd recommend Fishers, it's excellent, yes, it's expensive but they do have a early evening deal where the price of your dish is the time you order it at i.e £5.50. there is also a good value apres cinq menu at le Cafe St Honore (usually extortionate but divine!).
    You often have to book in Edinburgh so if you are stuck, try Brown's on George Street where it's first come first served, nice food, nice atmosphere, reasonably priced, good cocktails too. Another great reliable one is a room in the town, menu changes regularly and it's BYOB.

    For vegetarian try Black Bo's or Susie's, for mexican - Tijauna yacht club, pancho villas or blue parrot cantina, for indian - Khushi's (also BYOB), suruchi & Kalpna.

    there are some great cheap eats around the uni especially if you like something a bit different - Brazilian Sensation, Coyoba, Nile valley, Phenicia..

    And don't get me started on the Shore :) Down here in Leith there are lots of lovely places for lunch and dinner, it's great to wander about, chilled, regularly has live music on, etc. There's Fishers Bistro (cheaper than town, always booked) & skippers (pricey but look for a deal!), both excellent for fish & seafood, King's wark, Domenico's, Cafe truva, the Rose leaf, and Bijou - lovely wee bistro, great for burnch too, & BYOB!

    Oops, went on a bit there. Unfortnately I could keep going! Edinburgh is a fantastic place to live - make sure you visit the Mela at the beginning of September, try & come to the Leith Festival & gala day, and you have to go to The Dome on George Street over christmas and have a cocktail (they also do a lovely bar menu, much cheaper than the main dinner menu!) Enjoy! :)

    1. Valvona & Crolla is located on the Leith Road in Edinburgh and likely one of the very best Italian delis in the UK. They also have a cafe there that serves lunch and dinner. Recommended!

      1. "B'est" has great food and at reasonable prices. Fun atmosphere as well.

        1. Fisher's in the City!! Delicious! The Doric is good, though completely different (more on the "substantial" side...meaty...). And Valvona & Crolla's good...if you don't want to eat in, you can pick up all kinds of things from their deli and, cheese, bread, dessert--who needs more?

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. You've given me a fair bit to start with!