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Oct 27, 2007 07:54 AM

Fish measuring device

I had a little flat metal fish shaped object (I think it was called a Fish Perfect) with which to measure fish to find out how long to cook it according to the Canadian method (I think at 425 or 450 oven temperature). I've lost it, miss it, but can't find it in the shops. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks.

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    1. re: Eric in NJ

      YES Thank you so much, from me and my cousin who wants one too.

      1. re: Fuffy

        Your welcome. But there must be a chart somewhere that tells you how long to cook fish according to thickness and temp. But i kind of dig gadgets too.

        1. re: Eric in NJ

          Isn't the "Canadian" rule 10 minutes and inch? That seems to be stuck in the back of my mind for some reason.

          1. re: bkhuna

            Yes bkhuna that's right. But the fish perfect is such an easy way of measuring and I find the high heat (can't remember if it is 425 or 450) Canadian method has excellent results, baked fish that is crispy outside and juicy in.

            1. re: bkhuna

              Seems like you'd be overcooking the fish by today's standards if you followed the 'Canadian' rule of 10 minutes for every inch.

      2. Kitchen Conservatory has one, shaped like a fish. Check it out on

        1. where did you find it? I also have one and would like to find more as gifts, etc.