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Oct 27, 2007 07:35 AM

Late night dining in Orlando?

I have a late flight into Orlando international on November 15th. Any suggestions for late night dining (Italian, seafood, steak) around MCO? will have a car. Thanks in advance for recommendations.

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  1. How late is late? I think Hemispheres at the MCO Hyatt is open until 10, but I've never eaten there. In Downtown Orlando, Kres is open until midnight and Hue should be open that late on Thursdays as well.

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    1. re: John Graham

      Will arrive in Orlando around 9 PM. Kres sounds good. Thanks for the tips. tr

    2. There's a steakhouse called PorterHouse in the airport Marriott. You can even take a shuttle.

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        If you're going to come downtown remember that Midnight Blue also serves until, well, Midnight....

      2. Definitely Midnight Blue in Thornton Park, one of my top five favorites in all of Orlando. Trendy but comfortable, great tapas food and bar. The weather is really nice in November, so you can choose from the patio, the open-air, semi-inside room, or the fully inside room. Use the complimentary valet for parking.