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Can you recommend a bakery that does fabulous cake designs?

Hi. I would like to order a great looking cake for my daughter's bat mitzvah. Something that would be on display all through the party. Any suggestions for bakeries with reliable delivery in northern new jersey, rockland, or lower westchester?

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  1. LuLu's in Scarsdale. They're amazing.

    1. Riviera Bakeshop in Ardsley. We get all of our birthday cakes there and everyone always raves about them. And they are beautiful! I don't know anything about the delivery though...

      1. Lexington Square Cafe makes amazing cakes and they taste great as well. not sure about delivery but give them I call - I also think lulu's makes tasty cakes but have not seen any specialty cakes there (you can ask) - I am not a fan of Riviera - the cakes look sfabulous but the few I have eatten were not that good....

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          Agree with Karen on Riviera, look pretty, but taste of artificial ingredients big time. I second tada's rec on Lulu's. Been to quite a few parties with their cakes and they are always delicious and pretty. We went in last week to pick up yodels, and there was a 3-D yankee stadium in their window.ed Amazing and realistic. Problem is chances are they book up and when I tried to order an anniversary cake for the 17th they turned us down.

          We found another bakery we are going to try called Magnificent Edibles this time -- its not as fancy a shop, but we really don't want to go back to Riviera. Hopefully they can create something as equally delicious and beautiful!



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            I've been to Magnificent Edibles and have not had their cakes - let me know how they are. the iced coffee is AWESOME - they make the ice cubes out of - you guessed it - frozen coffee. so simple and yet genius!

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              Wow! I've ben doing that with Iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, various fruit juices for years...As a matter of fact, that's how I make my iced tea and cranberry lemonades. Does this mean I can finally tell my family and friends I had a genius idea? lol!

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                I have done it at home as well but never seen it done "out" - especially for iced coffee - it made my day and yes - you can tell your fam it was a genius idea.

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                  I drink iced coffee year round so this is exciting news. Had the iced coffee cubes up in the Finger Lakes this summer from a CH rec and it's so hard to go back to regular.

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                    I tried their iced coffee over the summer based on a rec from chowhound and eww, the coffee was really stale and freezer burned tasting. I have had their cakes at a function and they were all really good.

                    I would second the rec of Lexington Square though for a creative looking and delicious tasting cake. The pastry chef there, Dominique is truly a gem. http://www.lexingtonsquarecafe.com/ca...
                    I had them make a cake for my sister's bridal shower and everyone was wowed.

        2. Cake Diva in Hoboken http://www.cakediva.com/index.html
          I haven't had one of her cakes, but I've heard good things, and the gallery on the website looks fantastic.

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            Deserts of Distinction in Waldwick NJ is amazing. All of their cakes are absolutely gorgeous (for my baby shower, the cake was a huge bassinet) and all of their cake is absolutely delicious. This is all they do - they make nothing other then cakes. You wouldn't even know it's a bakery if you drive past it, because the only thing in the front is a desk and a couple of cakes are on display. But you go in there and you have a cake testing to figure out what you want the cake to be made out of. One problem though. I don't think they delivery but they might. I only live a couple of towns away so I always pick it up on the morning of the party.

          2. The Pastry Corner in Mt. Kisco. The cakes are not only beautiful, but DELICIOUS! We had my niece's wedding cake made there and people raved. I then recommended them to a friend, who had them make both the wedding cake and the groom's cake for her daughter's wedding. The groom's cake was in the shape of a pile of presents and was stunning - even better, it tasted phenomenally good.

            1. Another HUGE thumbs up for Lulu's. In the past 2 months we've ordered 2 cakes from them, in addition to the yodels, and it was all great.

              I posted this report a few weeks ago...


              And here are pictures of the cakes...



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                Yet another heads up for Lulu in Scarsdale. I ordered a sheet cake from them a few weeks ago, a custom strawberry "Crush" cake with bananas and chocolate ganache frosting and it was killer. Everyone went nuts.

                They are making a custom handbag cake for another special occassion in a few weeks and will post of pic of it. They are making us a caramel cake with white chocolate peanut butter ganache.

                Their attention to detail is amazing, from the stiching on the handbag to the buttons, etc. You have to let them know your budget before hand since they basically create what you pay for and how much time they put into the cake your order. We ordered a "cheap" (I say this because they are a little pricey if you are not used to Manhattan prices) glorified sheet cake decorated cleverly with a gigantic i-pod on it, and for the fancy cake this November we will probably spend about $900. But no matter what you get, your guests will flip and go insane over it.

                Riviera is o.k., but their cakes can't hold a candle them.

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                  Lulu is expensive, no doubt. But you get what you pay for and it is true that people are still talking about the cake that we had at my son's party (the one with the dinosaur and polka dots). My daughter's cake was a bit less expensive (although still not inexpensive by any means) because it was not as "fancy", but still equally delicious.

                  Oh how we love that "cookie monster" cake with the real cookies!!!

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                    Great pics Valerie ! My wife has a pic of their cake at a party -- I will try to post it, its very special with great detail and deliciousness. Glad your party went over well!

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                      Here's the cake we had...sorry it too a while to post! It was the rhapsody in raspberry, actually. The attention to detail was quite exquisite.

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                        Beautiful! There must have been a lot of people at the party because the cake is huge!