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Oct 27, 2007 07:01 AM

Holiday party for 30-35 people

Any recommendations on a restaurant in Boston that my company could have our holiday/end of the year party at in January. It needs to be a private room that will hold 30-35 people, have good food and drinks for roughly $100-150 a head. Any suggestions or recommendations would be grwicked helpful. Thanks.

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  1. You might try one of the smaller upscale restaurants that seat fewer then fifty people, Pigalle, Troquet and Boston Public come to mind. Most restaurants are eager for business in early January.

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      both troquet and pigalle seat more than 30, so you'd need to make doing a buy-out worth their while.

      very few high-end places will do a buy-out at that price. $3000-$5000 is pretty short money. however, places that are normally shuttered on a monday might consider it at closer to $5000.

      that being said, larger places like davio's, dante, any steakhouse, sel de la terre, upstairs on the square and the blue room all have spaces that could easily accomodate your group and do a fine job at that price. you might also inquire at the new liberty hotel.

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        My vote goes to Mamma Maria's.

        They have a couple of private rooms, one overlooks North Square, all windows I believe. And valet parking. The food is excellent too.

    2. Amelia's Trattoria in Cambridge is really good, festive food and you could probably rent the entire restaurant for your party. Very cosy interior. And they have a decent wine and liquor selection as well.

      1. Mistral can accommodate you in their beautiful Salon Room, but you might need to increase the budget unless you're just going with apps and drinks.

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