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Oct 27, 2007 06:45 AM

local venison

I'm thinking about making some venison over the holidays, specifically tenderloins.

Is there any place in the city that regularly stocks venison? How bout an upstate supplier that you can order from on-line?

I'd take any suggestions I can get.

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  1. Can't speak for outside of Manhattan, but in the city you can usually get it at Citarella, both uptown on the West side and at the Village location. Its expensive....$25/lb for tenderloin. A better deal is at Ottomanelli, about $16-17/lb for tenderloin, last time I got it. None of it is local, all from New Zealand. A few years ago Natural Market on Austin St. in Forest Hills sold Canadian venison medallions, but not in recent years. They sometimes sell tenderloin (NZ, again..) around the holidays in December, usually around $23/lb. With an advance order, it may be possible to get kosher venison from Aaron's Gourmet...moved to Middle Village, not sure where...only chops though, because tenderloin isn't kosher.

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      Applewood serves it fairly regularly.

      If you ask kindly they might part with some of the meat -- they've sold other goods in the past (lobster bisque, duck fat, etc.)

      I also expect it's something Staubitz could get for you with a few days notice.

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        If looking for kosher venison - - they will ship anywhere in the country -

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          I have gotten wonderful Venison from Staubitz on Court Street. Sometimes they have it in stock, but I always call a few days ahead to order it fresh. Same goes for Wild Boar.

          Henry's End is THE place for Wild Game. They do many different recipes and styles of game. The Muscovy Duck, Ragu of Wild Boar, and Wild Game Pate and Sausage have been excellent this year.

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            deer tenderloin (i'm pretty sure) is kosher and it comes as part of the saddle when you order from

            i'm not that kosher,but people prefer this venison (fallow, young deer) and lack the intense gaminess which many people dont like.
            The Saddle is 24.60 a pound but is a bit more boned and packaged. shipping is on the cheaper side.
            The hind leg is 15 a pound and is great for roasting and medallions.

            It's all localy produced in upstate new york.

            The only downside is you need to order an entire leg or saddle.

            i have had the leg and it is great. well packaged and full of flavor. The customer service is also great, very one on one, theyll walk you through everything.

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              Tenderloin isn't kosher...its from further back than the saddle. I'm not a fan of kosher venison myself...just had it once from Aaron's ( I believe its from the same upstate farm that you mentioned.) It was really bland, and greasy (I had rib chops) flavor at all. Kosher meat (beef, bison) in general seems to have less flavor to me....but it may just be my sources.

              1. re: EricMM

                beef tenderloin i know isnt kosher, i was under the impression that the deer was governed by different laws. The kosher guy claims to sell it so it can be a "mock tenderloin" i'm not sure.
                The upstate farm doesnt carry rib chops because the deer they sell are very young (fallow) and dont have enough meet on their ribs. But they do sell the ribs seperately. (good for stock)

                whats your source for kosher meat. because kosher works on the same usda rating system. but kosher venison definetely has less favor then its kosher counterparts.
                kosher bison is great, it comes from the same distributor as non kosher bison (same bison.) (solomons, blackwing)

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                  The only place I get kosher meet from is Aaron's. It used to be on Woodhaven Blvd., now its in Middle Village somewhere. He carries bison and organic grass fed beef. I have to admit that I am not that big a fan of bison in general...I always find it less flavorful than beef. As for grass fed beef, it can be the best beef I've ever tasted, and sometimes just tatseless...but my favorite cut, NY strip, is non-kosher. My favorite kosher cut is hanger...have yet to see that cut in bison.

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              The Ottomanelli in Woodside Queens can also get it.

            3. The new Whole Foods by Grand St is also selling several cuts of NZ venison, although I don't know what the price points are.

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                You should stop by Quattro's at the Union Square Greenmarket. If they don't have it on the day you're there, maybe you can make some kind of an arrangement with them. Their store is in Pleasant Valley, NY 845-635-2018