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Oct 27, 2007 06:10 AM

Grappa Ristorante on College...anyone been recently ?

Have been a long time fan of this place,,,but juggling kids, work, moving house etc haven't been for a long while. I remember it as a place with a great wine list and very good traditional italian fare in a fairly relaxed atmos...interested in any recent visits/reviews as i am planning a very special dinner there soon....any recent highs/lows ?

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  1. This has been the special restaurant for my husband myself since long before he was my husband, he even proposed there. Work, kids, house had kept us away for a couple of years so we went back this fall to celebrate our anniversary. We shared the baked fontina appetizer which was good but not outstanding. For dinner my husband had the tenderloin which was great, melt in your mouth, sauce was nice, potatoes and veg were well prepared. I had the veal scallopini with risotto. While the veal was nicely cooked the risotto was so peppery I could not eat it. I am sure I could have sent it back to be properly replaced had my husband not devoured it exclaiming the entire time how outrageously peppery it was. Service was great as usual, I just wish they would change their menu once in a while! Apparently they did Restaurant Makeover so the dining room has been updated and looks good, but the menu didn't see any changes.
    Enjoy your special dinner!

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      dear cheesymama...

      Thanks so much for this...sounds like we live parallel lives, ditto on going there with partner long before being wed and kids ! Can't believe they've actually updated the dining room..what ! no more cheesy murals of peasants picking grapes ....I kinda liked those...oh well. Glad to hear the service is till great. I still remember teddy who was superb.

    2. Just adding a place link -

      797 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1C7, CA

      1. Went there a few weeks ago. Overcooked meat for one guest. Veggies were cold on my dish. Risotto wasn't that great, a little dry. Apps were all very good. Service was quite good. 6/10

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          There has been a near-complete staff turnover at Grappa in the last few months. Perhaps it's a learning curve, especially for the kitchen, who are expected to recreate the popular dishes exactly as they were under the previous chef. Having a loyal clientele also means that change is difficult.