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Making our own sausages for sausage stuffing-ISO sheeps casings

My mother and I are planning on making our own breakfast sausages for the sausage and chestnut stuffing recipe we use for Thanksgiving. A place online suggested sheeps casings because it is a smaller diameter. Any ideas on where I could get them in the Boston area? TIA

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  1. im not entirely sure this will be helpful, but whole foods makes their own sausages, including the smaller breakfast sausages, so it might be worth talking to one of the butchers there and seeing if he can sell you some of the casings... i guess pretty much any butcher that makes their own would be a good place to start.

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      Maybe you could also try John Dewar http://www.johndewarinc.com/ . They're a really good butchery and I bet they'd have everything you need.

    2. Google Eldon's sausage and Jerky, They are quick and dependable.

      1. Sausage patties. Much less work.

        1. Whole foods does indeed have casings, and they promised to seel me some a while ago, once they figured out how to price them (my suggestion that they give them to me for free did not work). I ended up ordering casings online at sausagemaker.com. The ones packed in salt are saif to last for a very long time -- a year at least -- so if you plan to make more in the future this is a good option. I have not worked with the sheeps casings but the butcher at Whole Foods told me they are delicate and therefore a bit more difficult to stuff than pork casings.

          1. You guys are a font of information. I will start looking now. Thanks.

            1. I've made lots of sauages and have found casings in many places. Depending on where you live you could try a more "ethnic" grocery store. (Does Super 88 carrry them?) I've found them by just poking around in the odd/ends portion of the meat case. I've gotten them by begging at the butcher's counter at places that make their own sauages.The big Star Market in Allston had them. but that was years ago when they were still Star Market. I've always used sheep's casing and never had a problem with breaking. You can save the extras by packing them with kosher salt and freezing them.

              1. So far these are the results of my search-Savenor has hog casings only, Whole Foods won't sell casings (not that they don't have them but they don't sell them). I will check some of the ethnic markets. The mail order ones seem very expensive or have miles of casing at $25.99 per order. Also now time is growing short for mail order. I figure I have a fallback with the hog casing if I need.

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                  yeah, market basket also sells hog casings, but dunno bout the sheep ones...

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                    Not sure where you are located or are willing to travel to. But Fiores Market in Revere on Revere St. will sell you sausage casings..they make their own susage there (which are great) its a mom and pop place and are always willing to sell items like that....

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                      I also have bought casings from Italian and Brazilian butchers. Particularly the Brazilians would be more likely to have sheep, as they make thinner sausage with natural casings. However, one word of warning the often use packages of casing in solution which make more sausage than a home sausage maker will use in one sitting... so the salted casings which you can simply return the unused portion to the fridge is more convenient. The ones in solution I assume you would have to freeze or go to more work to salt.

                      For the hog casings, market basket and lord jeffs always carry them, but haven't seen sheep casings.

                2. I make a lot of sausage and get my casings from the Sausage Maker (www.sausagemaker.com). They sell lamb, sheep and hog casings, depending upon your needs. They come packed in salt, and will keep for a long time in your fridge. You just need to soak them before using. They're a pretty neat company.

                  1. Maybe try calling Karl's Sausage Kitchen?