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Oct 27, 2007 04:36 AM

Nectar Restaurant Merida

Has anyone been to Nectar? From what I can tell it opened in 2003. I heard some great things about it. Then I heard that it was not as good as it once was. Also it seemed rather expensive ( 450 pesos per person). It seemed like they were doing some interesting interpretations of Yucutan/Mayan dishes. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. hello johnmart11

    a little late reply... well if your still interrested? actully i have worked there.. and i come from copenhagen, denmark! long story short... and its a great place... very high skills in the kitchen! chef roberto knows his food! when i was there.. we bought ouer organic meet from the mayan people, like 2 hours drive from the rest.. we picked wild herbs from the beaches ... alot of work is put into his food to get this... true local preserved mayan/mexican flavour "2008" mixed with michelin star cooking skills.. yep! its for sure worth a go!!

        1. re: dinnercraft

          just ate there on Dec. 26 09. The caneloni of pheasant and foie gras were fabulous, as was the 48-hour brisket. the sopes of duck were good too. Not so much on the tuna carnitas. The papaya dessert was also quite marvelous.

        2. So we finally sucked it up and went to Nectar last night. We have a good base of comparison here in Merida (La Pigua, Habichuela, Hacienda Xcanatun) and expectations were high. Mistake #1, perhaps?

          First there's the menu. Four pasta dishes? Red Flag #1. What self respecting resto with $20 entrees pads the menu with spaghetti? Then there's the overuse of goat cheese. We love goat cheese but, five dishes featuring it?...what, was there a sale at Costco or something? Very ho hum menu overall. And it hasn't been updated in a while it seems.

          and the deserts? Two words: pastry chef. (I mean, rice pudding?! are you kidding?)

          Then there are the prices. They're outrageous for what you get. At this price point, there should be bread on the table and maybe even (gasp!) an amuse bouche or two (we've had them elsewhere in Merida!). And how about a galleta with that apres dinner espresso? Nada.

          On the upside, have to say everything we ordered was cooked perfectly and the service is flawless. Big ups also for the outdoor smoking section, traffic noise and exhaust notwithstanding.

          Our meal felt totally "phoned in" Maybe the once a month tasting menu is the way to go? Unfortunately, we won't be dropping another benjamin to find out!

          Nectar (food & wine)
          mexico , MX