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Oct 26, 2007 08:10 PM


Does anyone know of a business near Austin that will shell pecans by the pound?

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  1. Take them to the Shoal Crest Senior Citizens Activity Center and they have volunteers and machines there that do it for 25 cents per pound; it's one of their biggest fund-raising projects.

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      Thanks johnm for that information - I'm picking up pecans from my yard today. I will call them and report back.

      My grandmother used to have this horizontal piston-type cracker. She always had a million pecans (E Texas). I can't find one of those in town, although I haven't tried very hard. If anyone knows where I can buy one.....

    2. Navidad Farms Pecans used to do so, but I have not been there in a few years:

      1. Does anyone know who has good prices on meaty papershell type peacans? I usually get them from this place out past the Airport. If I recall a 10lb bag runs about $40.00. I take them back home for the holidays.

        1. OK, here's the scoop. Pecan shell cracking starts November 5th at the Senior Activity Center. Hours will be from 9-330 and the price is still 25 cents a pound.

          Thanks again for the recommendation johnm.