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Oct 26, 2007 07:55 PM

Zaatar pita in Toronto

I love the pita with zaatar at Middle East Bakery in Ottawa - anything like that in Toronto? It's thin, pocketless pita (not like the thick Greek ones) with oil and dark zaatar, sometimes with onions or tomatoes, but often just the spices.

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  1. There is a fantastic place on Lawrence, around Pharmacy, called Nasr foods. They have many of the middle eastern flatbreads, including what you're looking for, as well as veg, many types of olives in bulk, and many of the interesting spices you're not going to find anywhere else. The whole area is a hot bed of middle eastern provisioners. Bakers, Halal meat butchers, and restaurants.

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      Perfect. I can stock up on olives and spices at the same time.

    2. There's a place I used to go to in Kensington Market, on the west side of Augusta, just north of Baldwin, and I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me--anyway, they had pita with zaatar there. Does anyone know if it's still there?

      I can't remember if they sold olives there too, but definitely halva and that gorgeous salty cheese with nigella seeds (again, forget what it's called).

      1. The best place for pita with zaatar is Lebanese Bakery at 2059 Lawrence Ave E in Scarborough (southeast corner of lawrence/warden). They have a couple dozen types of manakish, including a couple with zaatar. They have some mini ones ready to go at the front counter but you'll want to order yours fresh and eat it hot.

        1. Paramount Foods in Mississauga is highly praised for their zaatar..they had a highly praised review in the toronto star a couple of months ago..they are at Crestlawn in Mississauga (at Dixie)...I checked it out and was impressed with the super cheap tasty eats...

          1. There is a Lebanese store on Dufferin just north of Finch - I forget what it is called but its on the west side of the street in the plaza with the discount telephone store (the lebanese store itself is on the north side of the building). There was a great article about them in the Star a few months ago. I tried the zaatar pizza - it was not for me. However they have the biggest juiciest raisins I have ever seen. Also good prices on almonds and lots of different brands of picked turnips.