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Oct 26, 2007 07:46 PM

Thanksgiving Catering Monmouth

I need the help of all you central Jersey Hounds. Thanksgiving is in my house this year and the guest list has swelled to a whopping 35 people. I don't need help with ordering turkeys as we'll be cooking/deep frying several ourselves. I'd like to cater most everything else and I'm drawing a complete blank as to where and even what to order. Although I love Wegmans, I'm not a big fan of their prepared foods. Any and all ideas are appreciated.

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  1. Sickel's Market, Little Silver
    Dearborn Farms, Middletown
    order early

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      I was going to say Dearborn too. I was at a party they catered and the food was very good as I recall.

    2. I agree that Dearborn and Sickles would be good. You can also try Aleo's in Lincroft. They are taking orders for Thanksgiving.

      1. While I shop at Sickles and Dearborn, I order an antipasti platter from Giovanni's in Little Silver every year. My guests love it and the leftovers are pleasant if you have house guests through the weekend. I also order my bird (Bell & Evans) from them and have been pleased with sides such as their gravy (purchased as backup). They have lovely stuffed breads. I make the cranbury sauce because it can be done ahead of time. I make my own stuffing because I'm fussy about it. I ask my guests to bring sides.

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          Mumford's does a great job with Thanksgiving catering. Everything from turkey to all the trimmings.

        2. Joe Leone's in Point Pleasant Beach does very nice catering

          1. While it is not in Monmouth, it is right on the border- The Chef's Table in Jameburg. They have an amazing Thanksgiving menu and I know that one of my co-workers is getting all of her sides from there. The dinner package is $25 pp, but I don't know how it would work without the turkey. They had some really awesome sides that I haven't seen anywhere else (country greens, rye stuffing with sausage and mushrooms, etc) They also deliver! We've been to a few parties catered by them in the last few months and it has become my fav place.