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MSP - Mini Hamburger Buns

Does anyone know where I can find some mini hamburger buns? I'm making mini lamb burgers for a finger-food party, and am at a loss for where to buy the tiny buns I need. (Unfortunately, the "turkey rolls" at Byerly's are too big.)

I call upon your baked-good knowledge, O you resourceful chowhounds!


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  1. Anne,

    I used Sarah Lee Classic dinner rolls. They come 12 to a package. I used them for mini breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches as a Super Bowl party appetizer. Here is my description.


    1. If you like rolls a little sweet, the Kings Hawaiian are fun. In the same vein, if you have a Filippino community, look for a bakery that sells "pan de sal" (sp?). They're dinner rolls with a little sweetness to them. I think they would go well with lamb.

      1. Hmmm.... I'm looking for a bun that's the size of one or two bites, for a "mini hamburger" appetizer. Something on the lines of this:


        Dinner rolls are too big, but I suppose I could cut them down. And, alas, we don't have any Philipino shops in the Twin Cities (that I know of, anyway). I've never seen Hawaiian rolls here, either. But maybe I don't get out enough.


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          You buy the Hawaiian rolls ready to bake in the grocery store, usually in the deli. They're really not a fit for what you're making - sliders. I've been itching to make sliders (or meatball sliders) myself, and had planned on posting here to find where the buns would be available. I'm anxious to see what other suggestions get made, too.

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            Much as I love sliders, I'm not making 'em for this event. I'm making mini lamb burgers with a curried apricot sauce. I plan to get at least eight burgers out of one pound of lamb, which is smaller than the standard slider (as far as I know - I haven't had a slider for years).

            I had my heart set on presenting these bites as mini burgers. (Aren't teeny-tiny burgers the latest appetizer trend?) But instead, I think I'll probably serve them open-faced on a small slice of baguette - from Rustica, of course...


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              They are the latest trend...and the gourmet magazines call them sliders. It's basically an interchangeable word with mini-burgers, in the liberal way it's being used lately. I wasn't making a White Castle reference.

              I made them out of meatballs that were about 1-1.5 inches, but had to make due with the wrong type of bread. They were eatable in one bite, and the recipe came straight out of Bon Appetite. I used brown and serve rolls from Rainbow. It wasn't the best, but they can work in a pinch.

              I am loving the Breadsmith suggestion. I know Wuollet also takes special requests, but I don't much care for the place.

              1. re: pgokey

                I guess I'm too midwestern - when I hear "slider", I think of those square, five-hole, onion-steamed things from White Castle. Ah, regional dialects!

                I'll bet most major bakeries could do a special mini-bun. Next time, I'll plan ahead.


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                  At White Castle, they're Slyders...and they're delicious.

                  1. re: Foureyes137

                    They've only been "Slyders" for a few years for trademark reasons. They'll always be sliders to me... No matter what they're called, they're great.


                    1. re: bob s

                      I guess they didn't want to trademark the other name we had for them, "gut bombs". ;-)

        2. I just found this thread from the DC board. One idea here that might work is to cut hot dog buns to size. They also mention Whole Foods has bags of frozen mini ciabattas and focaccia. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them here but then again I’ve never looked for them either.


          The lamb burgers with the curried apricot sound great.

          Uncle Ira

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            Another idea just occurred to me. I’m almost embarrassed to mention it, but I think the bread that Jimmy John’s uses for their subs is really good. They sell “yesterday’s” loaves for something like 50 cents, and they might cut down perfectly for what you have in mind. It’s certainly not an artisan loaf, but if you’ve never had it it’s much better then you might expect. (I.E: It’s nothing like Subway...)

            Just a thought...

            Uncle Ira

          2. What about the tea buns sold at both lunds & byerlys? 12 to a pack, $3.29 and about 2x2 inches (one oz) each. good soft white slightly sweet & quite yummy.

            Had some last night at a party. They worked well.

            1. I was at the Super Target at Highway 7 and 169 today, and they had miniature Kaiser rolls, and also some whole wheat dinner rolls that would be the appropriate size.

              The baguette from Rustica sounds like better bread, but if you want mini hamburger buns, this is a possibility. (Other Super Targets likely have the same thing.)

              1. Several times last spring I made mini-lamb burgers that were an homage to the ones in the lounge at LBV (though I put lavender goat cheese in the yogurt spread) and used buns that I found in the bakery in Kramarczuk's. They worked very well.

                I found the ones at the Lund's by us to have buns that were the correct size as well, but I can only imagine these are the same as those that can be found at any Byerly's and are not what you are looking for.

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                  Lamb burgers with lavender goat cheese sound DIVINE! I gotta try this.

                  I ended up skipping the buns, because everything I found was too big. The small rolls at Lunds/Byerly's were about 3" across, and I was looking for something about 1" to 1.5" across. (Didn't see the tea buns, which might have been close enough - oh, well.)

                  I suppose I could have made my own buns from frozen bread dough, but I didn't have the time...

                  Thanks for all the suggestions, though.


                  1. re: AnneInMpls

                    For future reference, I just stopped by the Breadsmith on Grand and Snelling today for their wonderful Cranberry Flaxseed bread. I asked if they made mini-burger buns, or if they could be ordered, or if they sold dough. The gal said they make the buns for the Lexington that are about 2.5 ounces each and they often sell overages to the public (she was young and looked harried with the long line behind me so I didn't press exact sizes), AND she also said that calling the manager is the best bet for people looking for things because they can often help out. So, the next time anyone is looking, call your favorite bread place and ask.

                    1. re: tart1

                      Great tip - thanks for doing this research! This is very helpful, as I know I'll do mini lamb burgers again someday (they were easy to make, very tasty, and quite popular).


                2. For future reference, your cheapest option would probably be to go to White Castle and order a Crave Case, hold the meat.

                  1. though it seems it is too late for this go around - about a year ago i made a ton of mini lamb burgers for the food show in mpls and my employer got the tiny burger buns from breadsmith. they weren't terrific - but definitely okay, and i don't know if they were a regular item or they were special ordered (in which case you may have trouble getting just a couple for a party - there were several thousand in our order). nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to ask if they can make them for you in the future.

                    1. Jake O'Conner's in Excelsior serves a beef tenderloin mini sandwich appetizer with tiny buns. I also noticed that SuperTarget had mini-bun cheeseburger and fish sandwiches in the frozen food section. Seems to be a trend.