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Oct 26, 2007 05:19 PM

ISO Katie Lou Cookies

I had the best chocolate chip cookie in my life the other day at the Blue Plate restaurant on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. They are not made by the restaurant but by a local baker named "Katie Lou" (at least according to the sticker on the cellophane bag). The cookie is an incredible combination of not too crunchy, not too soft oatmeal (sporting a distinct cinammon flavor) with a mixture of milk and dark chocolate chips. No raisins or nuts in this beauty, which runs a whopping $4/cookie (but worth it, believe it or not). Unfortunately, it is hit or miss whether Blue Plate will be selling them any given day, so I wanted to see if any chowhounds out there have an inside track on where I can find these cookies on a more consistent basis.

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  1. So I was just forwarded your post, and sorry I haven't responded sooner. We took a break from the baking business for a couple of years, but we're now back and better than ever. Our website will be up and running soon, but you can reach us at 310-901-1611 if you want to place an order. We now also have lots of other great stuff beyond the oatmeal chocalate chip cookies, including cinnamon sticky buns, banana chococlate chip bread, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, Meyer lemon riccota pound cake and much more. Thanks.

    KatieLou Desserts