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Oct 26, 2007 05:11 PM

Chanterelle mushroom recipes

I bought a pound of chanterelle mushrooms at Costco. I had a mushsroom strudel in mind, but I cannot find a recipe. Does anyone have any hints for a mushroom strudel. I am also open to other recipes. Please advise on the best use of the chanterelles.


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  1. why not make a mus hroom crostata? Much more simple, just saute the chanterelles with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. Bake it on a tart dough dusted with a yitlle flour and drizzle some creme fraich on near the end.

    1. We love chanterelles-can pick them locally and they are so fabulous. I make a chanterelle pie that is very good, but it takes 3 lbs-you saute them in butter then add some parsley, salt, pepper and sour cream and bake in a pie crust. If I have a smaller amount of chanterelles, I like to saute them in olive oil and butter, then add a little cream and sherry and maybe some shallots and serve with good french bread.

      Sorry-didn't really help you with your strudel question, but it sure sounds fabulous.


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        I just bought a couple chanterelle to taste since I've never had them. I sauteed briefly in a little butter, and they shrank at least by 50%. Is this normal? I see you call for 3 pounds for a pie. At $20/pound, I won't be making your recipe, although it sounds divine. You're lucky to be able to forage for them.

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          They do shrink down quite a bit a bit - 50% seems like a lot though.

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            I think they do shrink down a lot-I know the pie starts with a huge soup pot full, but by the end it's down to enough to fit in a pie crust. And wow-twenty bucks y a pound! I was feeling really luck to be able to forage for them just when I compared to the local price of about ten bucks a pound-twenty makes me feel even better!

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              I harvested 2 1/2 pounds yesterday from the woods around my house.

          2. i love to make a mushroom sauce with some cream and/or sausage meat, and serve it over polenta

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              And throw in a little sherry or some Marsala - makes a wonder flavor with the chanterelles.