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Oct 26, 2007 04:50 PM

Best mail order Thanksgiving turkey?

Hi, has anyone here had a really great experience with a mail-ordered turkey (or ham?). I once ordered a turducken (a boneless chicken in a duck in a turkey) because the idea seemed so incredibly sumptuous. It was from Cajun Grocers, and it was okay, but indistinguishable from a regular boneless turkey with stuffing.

Has anyone ordered a turkey and said, "Oh my God! This is the absolute best thing I've ever tasted in my entire life!!!"? That is the bite I'm searching for.

I really want to be informed before I place an order because they all look fabulous in the catalog, but I really want it to be worthwhile on the holiday table.


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  1. Greenberg Turkeys in Tyler, Texas. A seasonal, smoked turkey operation. Our turkey last year was the OMG variety. It was smoked almost black and moist and flavorful. Ordering again this year.

    1. I ordered a smaller greenberg turkey last year. It was dry, and the smoked favor was too overwhelming. Prior to this, I'd eaten pieces from their larger turkeys which tasted great.

      1. For the past several years I've been buying smoked turkey from Harry & David & have been quite happy (flavorful & moist). Since this will be my first Thanksgiving as a chowhounder, I thought I'd do some homework for mail order turkeys. First run through resulted in the first link, then found the second one. Glad I dug deeper because according to the earlier thread, Greenberg's turkey is very smokey and may be an acquired taste. Perhaps as a simple turkey dinner this might be okay (love Texas bbq) but I don't know if I want the smokiness to overshadow the flavors of other dishes at the Thanksgiving table.

        1. The NY Times had an article on 11/7 about heritage turkeys and the best places to order them.