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Oct 26, 2007 04:25 PM

Cream based Limoncello

My folks came back from Italy raving about the creamy Limoncello they found there. I haven't been able to find it here in Oregon-anyone know of a source, or a recipe? I'd love to make it for a Christmas gift.

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  1. What you are looking for is crema di limoncello. If you google it you will find a number of recipes come up - I would suggest using organic lemons if you are going to make it yourself. If you are looking for a retail shop, I typically use to find someplace that carries liquor that I'm looking for.

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      Wow-thanks so much joshekq...the recipes look fabulous and easy, so I'm definitely going to try making this for Christmas gifts. The website you sent, though, seemed to only be for wine-I'll google a bit and see if I can find a distributor.

      1. re: girlwonder88

        Even though looks like it is only for wine, it happens to find other types of alcohol as well, just type what you are looking for into the wine name and then typically pick NV (non-vintage) and you will get a bunch (hopefully) of stores that carry what you are looking for.

    2. girlwonder88:

      An acquaintance of mine who is a chef at an Italian restaurant brought back a bottle of that cream based liqueur when he was over in Italy for their big wine show. It was delicious even for someone like myself who does not particularly enjoy cream based liquers like Bailey's, Carolans and the like.

      It was even better as a garnish with a deep dark chocolate brownie.

      I have not seen it here in western Canada. Mind you, one often cannot find limoncelo or any amaros either. Does not appear to be a market for them locally.

      On the general topic of limoncelo, can anyone suggest a commercially made product that is less sweet and more tangy/piquant than most currently available which I find cloyingly sweet?

      Yes, I know I could experiment with vodka or clear alcohol and make my own but if there is a commerically produced label, I would like to try it.