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Oct 26, 2007 04:21 PM

Best Steak from NoN-Steakhouse

I want to celebrate a new job that I just got and am a real steak lover. However, my mother and sister don't like steak so I figured we wouldn't go to a steakhouse for a change so they can enjoy their meals as well. Who serves the best steak dish from a non-steakhouse? The restaurant must also have other great things on the menu as well for non-steak eaters. Price and location really is not an issue and I would prefer it to be a nice place. Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. I know this is the opposite of what you are asking, but have you been to the The Post House? My husband went last Friday and really liked it b/c of the non-Steakhouse (i.e., non-macho) ambiance, and said that the lobster and the lamb chops were wonderful. Plus he saw Robert Redford AND George Clooney there - lol.

    I've only been there once - 11 years ago - for dinner the day we were married - by that time quite a bit of champagne had been consumed, but I do remember liking the room!

    And - congratulations!

    1. Steakrules
      Most good Steakhouses have a variety of good choices for non carnivores .
      Smith and Wollensky has a varied menu and really smooth service. You really cannnot go wrong there. Congrats on your new job! :-}. Here's the menu link.

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        Thank you all for your recs and congratulations! I have considered all of these restaurants in the past and am just trying to get as many recommendations as I possibly can before deciding where to go.

      2. Gotham Bar and Grill had the best non-steakhouse steak I think I've ever had.

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            i totally, totally agree with you on gotham's steak. i thought it was a special. it was amazing.

          2. You've posted and asked about many different steakhouses that you planned on going to before. Perhaps, you can at least describe the ones that you liked, based on the responses that you received from your many previous queries, and many here will be able to respond to specifics about your requests.


            1. Consider L'Ecole, the French Culinary Institute's restaurant. I had the skirt steak there last night, and it was great. Most of the entrees were fish, but there was pork and lamb as well.