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Oct 26, 2007 03:23 PM

sushi on piedmont ave?

I just scanned the boards here and couldn't find info on either of the two sushi places near Piedmont Springs, on Piedmont. I was just there and did I write down their names? Duh. One is just a few doors down, same side, and the other one is smack across the street. I like Ichiro in downtown Oakland (where I live) so that's kind of my yardstick for good E. Bay sushi. I like good fresh fish as opposed to mostly hunky fancy mayo-laden rolls (nice in v. small doses, I admit). Thnx in advance....

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  1. I'd head to Yume on Park in Alameda for good sushi and bypass the piedmont ave offerings... Angelfish in Alameda is also very good.

    Weird, who would have thought that alameda would have such great sushi?

    1. Just head five mintues away to College Avenue, which has a handful of good sushi places: Uzen, Tachibana, and Mitama in order of distance from Piedmont.

      1. I second the Uzen recommendation (on College). Very good sushi and sashimi at reasonable prices.

        I've been to the two places near Piedmont Springs - Kotobuki and Aki Sushi and wouldn't recommend either of them. Kotobuki was horrible - the one time I went there, I ordered a salmon sashimi and was given smoked(!) salmon. Ugh. I've been to Aki twice. The first time we had to wait ~30 minutes for our food, and the second time I had some takeout sushi. The sushi was ok but nothing special. The portions were pretty big though.

        If you're looking for a Japanese place on Piedmont Ave. I'd recommend Get-A near the Long's drugs.

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          I don't think Get-A has the world's best fish, but it's solid and extremely cheap. I often use them to put together party platters of maki--way better than supermarket sushi quality for supermarket sushi prices. Cooked food is a great bargain as well. Oyako Don is $4.50. Katsu Curry is a bit more, but a hefty serving.

          1. re: lexdevil

            I just ate at Get-A for lunch today at a late 2:30. I used to eat there regularly when I worked close by. With my husband we had: wakame salad (I think) which was an unusual seaweed and cucumber in a vinegary bath. Super tasty--I was surprised at how much my non-adventuresome husband liked it. Also oshitashi, very good without overwhelming us with bonita taste, appetizer portion of vegetable tempura (and their tempura is very good and fresh), fake-crab California roll, my husband's favorite, and tekka don with some wakame atop and spicy sauce drizzled over at my request--really wonderful and a bargain at $8.50. The total tab was $23.50 before tip and we were so satifyingly full we canceled plans for dinner. Shame the ambiance sucks. It was end-of-day littered and I couldn't believe that, in such a tiny place, two of the three big tables were taken up by people who had finished eating and were reading. How do they expect a place like that to stay in business if they use it as a hangout? Still, it's nothing short of a miracle that they produce so much from such a tiny kitchen.

            1. re: lintygmom

              Get-A gets an amazing amount of take-away orders for dinners. Customers seem to range from single commuters just returning from work to large-group orders requiring multiple people to carry them out.

              No one seems to linger during dinner -- too many hard stares would be aimed their way by those waiting!

              1. re: Stephanie Wong

                There were two tables of single lingerers while we ate at the little barstool table by the toilet. One was a slightly crazy lonely lady and the other a young man with a book and dirty dishes that sat at the four person table until he left. We'll have to return at lunch or dinner because it's totally worth it.

          2. re: Mr_Happy

            I'll third the Uzen rec. It's my fave (other than Kirala) sushi joint in Oak/Berkeley.

          3. I also love Uzen on College Ave.The fish is super fresh,simply prepared and purchased daily.Tachibana is good too.I have never had good sushi on Piedmont Ave.

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            1. re: codywhitney

              Agree on Uzen. Check the specials for fish flown in from Japan. The Aji is especially nic. On the cooked front, their udon is very good. They also have some of the nicest miso soup I've ever had.

              1. re: codywhitney

                I would also recommend Uzen, their fish is always fresh, although I don't really know too much about the rest of their menu as I always order nigiri, and some rolls at times. Here are some pictures of their delicious nigiri~

              2. Drunken Fish is technically on Piedmont though all the way down past the Kaiser garage and at the corner of Broadway. Still, it's walkable. I love their (non-mayo) spicy tuna.