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Oct 26, 2007 02:36 PM

Thoughts on Simon/LA at The Sofitel

Can anyone give me some feedback on Simon and The Stone Rose Lounge at The Sofitel?

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  1. Stone Rose is a popular hip lounge. Are you staying at the hotel? Parking there is expensive. If you're driving there, park at the Beverly Center across the street - $1 for 4 hrs.

    1. Some posts about Simon LA:

      I was completely underwhelmed by Simon. I really did not like any of the dishes there ( tried about 6) except for the pizza. It is also very loud. I think you can have much better meals elsewhere in that same area and probably spend less. Vito's Pizza and Cynthia's come immediately to mind.

      I do quite like the Stone Rose for drinks though. Very nicely set up, great lounge-y ambience, great fairly normal people.

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        Stone Rose has a cool layout, but I personally don't feel like I fit in unless I'm wearing a striped shirt with a popped collar. Parking is a nightmare -- try and find street parking in the nearby San Vicente neighborhood or down the street on Beverly east of La Cienega.

      2. All I know about Stone Rose Lounge is that my girlfriend and I tried to go there one Friday night around 9:30 - 10:00 and we were told by the valet guys not to bother even trying to go in without a reservation.

        1. Simon's dessert platter is ridiculous nostalgic good.

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          1. I liked the Sunday brunch. A cool hang and our meals were good

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              My fiance took me to simonLA as a belated Christmas present this year. For the most part, I was disappointed. The plusses: the bread basket, the salmon, the filet mignon, the brussel sprouts. All were wonderful and worth the price. The filet was perfectly cooked, and the brussel sprouts were fried with apples and bacon, making the dish come together beautifully in a way that made me forget about the holiday dinners with the gag-reflex brussel sprouts. The minuses: the menu (their menu is not big in the first place, and they were out of short ribs by 6pm and then they ran out of rice at 6:30 pm. Strange!), the Junk Food Platter, the atmosphere. I heard all these raves about the huge dessert platter, and the only good thing on that plate was the cracker jack. I felt like I was eating in an evil metallic forest. The main courses were good, but please change the atmosphere and make it more relaxing to eat!