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Oct 26, 2007 02:26 PM

St. Charles MO

I am going to be in St. Charles next weekend (2 women no husbands no kids!) We will have a car but would be nice to just walk. Looking for great food: breakfast, lunch, dinner. (Food more important than atmosphere). Just tell me your favorite restaurant, I don't care what it looks like as long as the food and service are good. Nice places are OK too but the fanciest thing in my suitcase will be cords and a nice sweater. Thanks!

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  1. I'd love to help, but it's pretty bleak in St. Charles. Chains, and single shots that might as well be -- mostly.

    1. Where are you staying? Do you live around the St. Louis area/or coming from afar?

      1. I'm not gonna be much help, but I'll try.
        I haven't been to St. Charles for quite a few years, but what I remember is in the old district. There was a brew pub, and several bar and grills. The brew pub was right at the south end of the district, and wasn't bad. There was a bar and grill about 2 blocks down that I posted about several years ago. They had a Rib Eye steak sandwich for 3.50 that was unreal. We went in, nobody there, the girl took my order, she came by a minute later with at least a 10 oz ribye, took it out the back door, threw it on a grill. Shortly after brought it in on a bun, with some ok fries. It was great. And I know beef.
        Doubt if it still exist, places like that for some reason don't, but I think the name Steve, or something similar, was in the name. Someone in St. Charles will know.
        I loved St. Charles. The river front area, the easy proximity to everywhere, it was one of my all time favorite places. And, oh, the 3.50 ribeyes.
        They seem to have an inferiority complex.
        They shouldn't.

        1. To me, the St. Charles is best experienced by strolling and savoring. Just pop into a shop here, catch a view of the river there, people watch. I have not found terrific food in St. Charles, but there are lots of restaurants that fit into a day of leisurely strolling, and even it the food isn't terrific, it all fits in with the atmosphere of the town.

          1. I am hearing good things about Tony's on Main Street. Kind of American/Continental. Trailhead Brewery has pretty good food. Rumples has a good burger in a bar type atmosphere. The Poison Apple is new and I have heard pretty cool. This was posted on another St. Louis Forum about it-
            "Its a very nice place. Food is great. If you dig mushrooms try the excellent candied mushrooms They are just in a bad location. The place has massive amounts of potential. There are three levels, the main level has the bar a resturaunt, theres a "lounge" type area upstairs with leather couches and what not, and they have a lower level for live bands. "

            There are lots of other places on Main Street that I do not know about but all of the above are good or in the case of Poison Apple, sound good.