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Oct 26, 2007 02:00 PM

Mushrooming in PNW

Anyone a mushroom hound in the Pacific Northwest? You are in luck, right now (out on the Olympic Peninsula, WA) there are chantarelles a plenty. a short day's foraging could equal 3 pounds or more. Thought I should pass that little nugget along.

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  1. All I know to pick is Chanterelles-we live in Oregon and have a place in the Coast Range. Over Labor Day a few of us (mainly kids) picked 12-15 pounds over three days, maybe a total of 3-5 hours. That was early to find them, in my limited experience, and I haven't been out again since. I'll have to try again now-I was wondering if it was too late.


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      Sounds wonderful! It is not too late is you have not had an extended period of cold. Plus it is fun to go out and have a look about anyway. I think we have another couple weeks and then either the weather will have gone South or the slugs will rule the forest from increasing rains.

      What a lovely haul you got.

    2. Where on the Peninsula? I went searching for chanterelles with friends and found nothing, but perhaps we hit the wrong part of the Peninsula.

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        Hi, here is a pretty good article about where to find them out here. It Explains where to look when. We are about one day ahead of you in rain Also, it gets progressively rainier as you move West particularly as you stretch past Joyce on Hwy. 112 and say Crescent Lake on 101. Sequim gets hardly any rain. I would get a look at the article, then have a look at an online trail guide and choose a nice and easy wanding trail, near water, shrouded if need be. If you are planning a trip and have a spot in mind, write back here and I will check back and give you an idea about what has been going on weather wise there and what the trail looks like (If I know). Good Luck!