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Oct 26, 2007 01:54 PM

Cooking Rut Solutions?

I am in a rut. I cook a variety of things, of different origin and ethnicity, but I am just bored and uninspired. Has anyone ever felt this and if so how did they break the spell? I usually love to cook, but even with the change of seasons I am so ho hum! I cannot even get a rise over a nice short rib ragu with pappardelle!

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  1. Either seek out a new cookbook unlike ones you have or find an ingredient you've never heard of and commit to using it for a couple of weeks. That might stretch things a bit and get you thinking anew.

    1. let chance take over. put five proteins, five spices and five cooking styles on a dart board.

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        That sounds kind of cool.

        I once had roommates who did not really cook. they would occasionally go to the grocery store, then tell me: "Hey, I bought some food. Youw ant to see what you can do with it and we can have dinner." I cooked, they paid for the food, it worked.

        my recommendation for Sal Vanilla, don't cook. Give it up for a while. Eat fast food. Goorge on takeout Chinese or prepared meals, visit the Golden Arches and fill yourself with fries, hit Taco Bell and stuff down three double deckers. Eat all the things you like that you would never cook, and then switch. Visit some little ethnic spots and see if they inspire you.

      2. When this happens to me, I go back and look at cookbooks I haven't opened in a while. I usually see something and think "I used to make this all the time and it's really good."

        Or how about make something that you love, but would generally never make it. Something from your childhood.. like Bisquick pizza. This is not fine dining, but there is something about it that makes me remember being a kid and loving it.

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          THe old cookbook remedy works for me, just flipping through them I see recipes I would not have considered before.

        2. I would highly recommend buying Sunday Suppers at Lucques if you don't have it.

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            And another one - especially great for fall - Think Like a Chef by Collicchio.

          2. Why, Sal Vanilla! Don't you have a "to try" pile of recipes that you would love to try? Hee, just kidding (well, am somewhat serious!)... when I get in a rut, I refer to my "to try" pile OR cookbooks or magazines that I have lying around ... that usually sparks me right back up into action!